[Iceland Blue Lagoon Hot Springs] Fantasy-level attractions, hair is frozen, but the body is soaked in a 38-degree hot spring, a peculiar experience of ice and fire!

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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland has always been one of the most anticipated attractions Jeffy and Allie come to Iceland! In addition to exploring such a famous dreamy blue, I also want to experience the hot spring with the body soaking in the hot spring, but the upper body is several degrees below zero, and even the hair can freeze, so that the peculiar feeling of the existence of ice and fire at the same time! In addition to introducing Iceland’s Blue Lagoon hot springs, this article will also include transportation information and website booking methods.

About Iceland's Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is not a natural hot spring, but a beautiful mistake! It is hard to imagine that such a beautiful milky blue is actually the waste water left after being used to generate heat! At first, there was a geothermal power station near the Blue Lake – Svarsengi. After the power station extracted seawater, it used natural geothermal heat to heat the seawater and generate electricity. The hot water after the power generation was discharged into a storage tank. Because it is heated by lava, the seawater contains a lot of minerals, so it has the effect of nourishing and beautifying, and it has been proven locally to relieve stress. Later, under the attention of the government, it slowly developed into the now-famous Blue Lagoon hot spring, and it has also become one of the popular attractions that you must not miss when you come to Iceland!

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs, IcelandPark facilities

We bought a simple Comfort plan at the time, and could redeem a free drink in the hot spring, and we all changed for juice. The Blue Lagoon Hot Spring is not small when it comes to it. There are steam rooms, ovens and other facilities on the side. You can freely take pictures in the hot spring area. Even if there are many tourists, you can always find some good places for no one to take pictures in the vast hot spring area.

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Follow the crowd and you will find the pavilion where the mask is distributed. As long as you enter the park, no matter which plan you buy, you can use their facial masks unlimited times. After queuing up, the staff will put a spoonful of mud mask on your hand and warn you to be careful not to touch your eyes.Put it on the face and wait for five minutes to dry, and then wash it with hot spring water, the face will be slippery and slippery!If you like their facial masks, you can also buy them at the souvenir shop next to you when you leave the venue, or as souvenirs for friends who love beauty!

During lunch, you can put on a bath towel and head to the restaurant next to it. It's just that there are not many places in the restaurant, so it's hard to find a place to sit down. The food there is mostly cold: sandwiches, Japanese sushi, bread, etc. You can also order a few hot drinks if you are afraid of the cold.

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▲Hair has become pillars because of icing, and it feels hard to the touch.

Jeffy and Allie are both worried about whether it will be very cold to soak in the hot springs on the ice and snow. The answer is really super cold! Cold is the head, a wonderful feeling. After wearing a swimsuit and walking outdoors, I can’t wait to run into the water. It’s too cold outdoors! After entering the hot springs, the water temperature is not as hot as the hot springs imagined. Compared with the hot springs in Taiwan, it looks like warm water. According to the official statement, the water temperature is controlled at about 37~40 degrees. However, after our experience, some places are more biased. It’s cool, but it’s very warm near the water outlet. But one thing to note is that if you can, try not to get the entire head wet. At first, Jeff felt that his head and ears were cold, so he warmed his head with hot spring water, but after a blast of cold wind, his head really It hurts to explode (the hair even freezes!), so keep your hair completely damp to make it more enjoyable!

IcelandBlue Lagoon|Online reservation

Be sure to book the tickets on the official website in advance, you may not be able to buy them on the spot! Click hereOfficial link, You can enter the reservation website of Blue Lagoon, and then follow the steps below to complete the purchase!

Step 1 Choose the number of people you want to book

Those who are more than 14 years old and those who are 2-13 years old should choose separately. After choosing, click Continue.

Step 2 Select the date you want to go

Choose the day you want to go and proceed to the next step

Step 3 Choose the time slot and plan of the day


The part of the plan is mainly divided intoComfort,Premium,andLuxary, Click Compare Packages to compare in detail.
ComfortMainly containsTicketsIn addition, it can be used for free in the Blue Lagoon Hot SpringSilica Clay Mask, Have to rent for freebath towel, And a free cupdrinks.PremiunIn addition to the above mentioned, there are moreSeaweed Mask,BathrobeandslippersAnd getReservation eligibility for LAVA restaurant, If you dine in the LAVA restaurant, you can also getSparkling wine served in the restaurant.LuxaryIn addition to all the benefits of Premium, you can have privateDressing room and rest areaAnd enter the Retreat Spa area. In addition, you can choose the currency displayed in the upper right corner, there areEUR (Euro), USD (United States dollar), GBP (Pound sterling), ISK (Icelandic Krona).

Step 4 Confirm reservation information

Remember to check the number of people, date and time

Step 5 Whether to purchase water massage


Add water massage service, starting at 17,400 crowns per person, if you don’t want it, click the SKIP AND CONTINUE below, if you want, then click ADD IN-WATER MASSAGE to select the plan inside. But it should be noted that the SKIP button is a bit hidden at the bottom of the page, you need to scroll down to see it!

Step 6 Whether to purchase additional restaurant meals


Whether to reserve a restaurant, if necessary, click to select the time and number of people, if not, press the SKIP AND CONTINUE below

Step 7 Whether to purchase additional pick-up service


Blue Lagoon provides pick-up service. If you don’t want it, click SKIP AND CONTINUE. If you want a private car pick-up, you can click Add transprotation, and select your hotel or airport and time. 

After completing the optional fields, link to the payment interface, complete the payment and the appointment is complete! Jeffy and Allie chose the simpler project at the time, and only purchased a shuttle bus. After all, travel to Iceland is not cheap. In this part, we all agree that it’s great to experience it! On the same day, you only need to bring your electronic voucher, you can go to the counter to pick up the sensor bracelet and bath towel and enter the venue directly!

IcelandBlue Lagoon | Itinerary

Since the Blue Lagoon is located near the Iceland Airport-Keflavík (KEF), it takes about 25-30 minutes by bus to travel. Generally, the Blue Lagoon will be arranged on the first day of arrival in Iceland, which can relieve the fatigue of long-distance flights. Feeling, or it can be ranked on the last day of preparing to take the flight back to China. Blue Lagoon official website also provides shuttle bus reservations, and you can choose Reykjavik and Keflavik Airport as the pick-up location.

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In summary, if you have already decided on your trip to Iceland, you must visit the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs! In addition to taking superb online beauty photos, you can also take the opportunity to take a beauty bath, experience the hot springs in the ice and snow, and put a tick on the life list!

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs, Iceland

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