[Accommodation at the Great Lake of Miaoli] Lakeside Spend Time Hot Spring B&B, log cabin soaking in soup. Breakfast/room type/nearby attractions.

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I want to find someone on a cold dayRelaxation time in hot spring + accommodation, I found this one which is pretty good and famousSpend time by the lake, Jeffy asked several times at the beginning what kind of flower it was, because he always forgot. When we arrive, I will understand it in seconds, oh~ it turned out to beSpend time by the lakeAh~ It is a kind of rare happiness to feel the time passing slowly by the beautiful lakeside, forgetting work and troubles with an empty head! This article is about spending time on the banks of Miaoli LakeDouble hot spring accommodation room type, breakfast, park sceneryIn addition, there are also public hot springs here. It is very suitable for bringing elders or children. It is only located in the suburban micro-backer. It takes about 10 minutes to drive to the convenience store outside, but it also has a sense of isolation from the world. It is highly recommended Where to stay in Miaoli Hot Springs!

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  • *The above accommodation is the price of a double basic room type, we will classify it slightly, please refer to the website for the detailed price*
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Small information on spending time by the lake

  • Hot spring baths: public hot springs, private hot springs, and lodging hot springs (without access to public hot springs from accommodation)
  • The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner (breakfast included in the accommodation)
  • Credit card, CITS card authorized store
  • Small and medium-sized pets under 9 kg are allowed (except during the Spring Festival), up to two, each will be charged 500 yuan for cleaning and 1500 for deposit
  • Free parking lot
  • Nearby attractions: Strawberry picking in the strawberry field (seasonal limited), Dahu Winery, Wenshui Old Street, Chocolate Cloud Village

Spending time by the lake/open-air baths, hot springs

Spend time by the lake. There is a hot spring in the accommodation, and the faucet in the bathroom is just opened.High-purity sodium bicarbonate spring, Also known as beauty soup. butAnyone who stays will still get tickets to the public open-air hot spring,Unlimited number of times, time, You can come when you want to soak, and it's also very suitable to bring the children in the family to have fun together!

  • Hot spring club public pool business hours: 8:00-21:30 (you must leave the venue before 22:00 at the latest). Guests are required to bring swimwear, swimming caps and room keys when going to the public hot spring area for hot springs. The hot spring area has changing rooms and toilet facilities, as well as towels and toiletries.
  • Soup shop business hours: 8:00-20:30 (you must leave before 21:30 at the latest)
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▲The hot spring area is full of joyous sounds of children

Spend time by the lake/Double hot spring suite

Double hot spring suites have lake and mountain views to choose fromThe mountain view is far from the entrance and the restaurant, you need to walk another 15 minutes to enter, and the lake view is just next to the restaurant. We really like that opening the window is the vastness of the lake, so we did not hesitate to choose the lake view ?It is really amazing when we enter the room, and the wood brings a sense of warmth.There is also a small balcony where you can work or read,Very comfortable! Especially when the sun shines in during the day, I don't want to check out at all and want to be lazy. Each room has a different color scheme. It happened that we had a pink wall that day. If you specifically reject a certain color, you can also ask the store first.

Spend time by the lake/click here to book a room online

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▲Double Lake View Hot Spring Suite
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▲I really like this small balcony
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▲The ceiling is in the shape of a small wooden house
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▲Make-up mirror and rocking chair next to the bed
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▲Free tea bags and coffee in the room

Going to the balcony is even more beautiful! The time here becomes more and more slow. Facing the green forest and the green lake, I feel better. The privacy of the room is very well done. You will not see the balcony of the next room, so you can rest and enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

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▲Lake view from the balcony

Time spent by the lake/park environment

There is not much time spent on the lakeside, and living here is just taking a walk and looking at the natural scenery. You can walk around the lake, just walk to the back of the lake is someone else's strawberry field, there is no perfect trail to be careful. We also encounteredSuper cute goose, Ah Goose is a talkative animal. As long as someone is close, he will talk to the guests. When he is crazy, he will chase you, so he won't be afraid of life at all! It’s so cute, we can’t help looking for Ah-e from time to time (Jeffy will talk to him with quack, and A-ge will return to us quack). At first, I was a little scared, but we were still reluctant to leave later. . I heard from the store that A-e will also go to look after the car, can he be appointed as the head of the garden ?

  • Ah-e sometimes bites people with her mouth, but it doesn't hurt. If you are scared, you can call the store to move the soldiers!
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▲Public space for spending time by the lake
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▲Guide Map of the Lakeside Spending Time Park
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▲What a cute slogan
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▲I especially like Jeffy's Goose

Spend time by the lake/chalet hot spring

The biggest feature of spending time by the lake is the hot spring when the bathroom tap is turned on. The tired body and mind are immediately redeemed~?The bathroom is also in the shape of a wooden house, clean and bright, and it is very hard to operate. Although the hot spring here is a bicarbonate sodium beauty spring, due to its high purity, the color is a little white and turbid.The natural crystalline hot spring flowers are very slippery to the touch, especially the feeling of bathing in hot springs.It won’t be like soaking in hot water (sodium bicarbonate spring is colorless and tasteless, the hot spring here is particularly thick)

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▲The hot spring pool is quite large

Spend time by the lake/breakfast

The breakfast here is really beyond my expectation, it's too rich, and it's a Chinese cuisine that parents will love very much., I will definitely like it next time I bring my parents here! The breakfast was cooked when people arrived, and it was hot. We ate sweet potato porridge, baked eggs, cabbage, two steamed buns, tofu, pork floss, etc., and the portions were full, and we both ate well ?

  • Accommodation with breakfast (serving time 8:00 – 10:00)
  • Meal time in the dining area: 11:30-17:45 (Dinner order is confirmed before 16:30, and dining is before 17:45) Afternoon tea service time is 11:30 -16:00
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▲Lakeside spend time menu
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▲Breakfast dining space
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▲Breakfast for two is full
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▲ckeck in counter
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▲Night scenery

Spending time by the lake is a hot spring accommodation with a resort atmosphere.It is recommended that you can stay here for half a day to a day and enjoy the hot springs in your accommodation.In the complicated life, there can be holiday spots like this, relax and wash away the fatigue, we also like it here, I recommend it to everyone!

Spend time by the lakeside of Miaoli

  • Address: No. 126, Linliping, Yihe Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County
  • Tel: 03 7996796, 03 7996795
  • contact method:Official website,IG,FB

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