[Miaoli Lake Scenic Spots] Sky City Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle, overlooking the mountains and lakes, tickets/restaurants/menus/ nearby attractions.

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The first time I saw Miaoli’s Sky City, I thought to myself, wow, this is too much like the castle where the princess lives in a fairy tale! A dreamy castle surrounded by flowers, grasses and vines, large window sashes can look into the distant scenery, and it’s no surprise that Miaoli, which has many hidden forests, is not surprising. ❤️ The last time I visited the Sky City was many years ago. It's perfect, and the meals are more diverse! Enjoy exquisite meals in the castle, walk around the park to admire the mountains and forests, and relax both physically and mentally. It is a very good spot for a half-day trip. Let’s see what's in the Sky City!

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Although Miaoli Sky City is located on the mountain, it only takes a short mountain road to get on the car, and it doesn't take much time. I remember that the crowds here for the first time exploded. Everyone came to make a pilgrimage to this net beauty attraction. The small hills were crowded with people. Nowadays, the popularity of revisiting here is still not diminishing. Those who come here on weekdays also meet a lot of tourists? The park is very good for taking pictures. Every corner can become a small world of net beauty, and there are many places to take pictures. Although there are many tourists, we who come on weekdays It doesn’t feel too cumbersome, just run to take pictures wherever there are few people! Besides, there is no limit to how long you can stay in the park, we will walk slowly and enjoy the sun ❤️

MiaoliCity in the Sky|Attraction Information

  • Business hours: 10:00-19:00 on weekdays, 9:00-19:00 on holidays
  • Tickets are 200 yuan per person, which can be used for meal consumption
  • Free parking
  • Recommended stay time 1.5-2.5 hours
  • Shun travel attractions: Longteng Broken Bridge, Shengxing Station, Shengxing Old Street, Hualu Farm

MiaoliCity in the Sky|Paradise Castle

The best shot in the castle in the sky is this big castle. If you look closely at the castle, you will find many small ideas, and the details are everywhere. The iron railings in the castle are irregularly curved, and there are many insects and flowers in the shape. Each floor has a small balcony for viewing. On the opposite side, you can see the Liyutan Reservoir surrounded by layers of green mountains. The scenery is really beautiful!

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▲The gate on the side of the castle
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▲You can see the Liyu Lake in the distance

MiaoliCity in the Sky|Castle Restaurant

Paradise Castle is also a restaurant, where dining is worth the ticket (each ticket can be discounted for 200 yuan). On weekdays, the service staff will take the place directly to order the meals.There are a lot of people on holidays, so you need to pick up the number plate in the waiting area and wait for the number to be called. If there is a lot of people on holidays, the restaurant will have a 1.5-hour dining time limit.The meals are mainly Western-style set meals and afternoon tea. The set meals include appetizers, desserts, drinks, soups, and salads, which are very rich, The main meals include luxurious seafood stewed rice, fried steak, seafood noodles, beef stewed rice, German pig feet, charcoal roasted spring chicken and so on.

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MiaoliCity in the Sky|menu

If you are full, you can choose the afternoon tea light meal set.Drink + cake or ice cream + seasonal fruits + dessert 280 yuan, deducting the tickets is equal to adding 80 yuan to enjoy. Relax and eat afternoon tea in the ancient castle, enjoy the scenery outside the window, what a pleasant afternoon!

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MiaoliCity in the Sky|Meals

We spent a long time in the Sky City that day, and we were all hungry, so we ordered two main meals in the Paradise Castle and sat down to enjoy? We ordered the chef’s recommendation separatelyPrawns and Scallops Stewed Rice(580 yuan can be discounted for 200 yuan)New Zealand Filetzone Steak(680 yuan can be discounted to 200 yuan). The two set meals were very full. At that time, there were many empty seats in the restaurant, and the service staff did not restrict our time. You can also eat this Western-style set meal on the mountain. Both of us think it's pretty good, and the choice of meals is also very diverse.

  • It takes a long time to serve meals. If you are in a hurry, it is not recommended to have a set meal!
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▲The soup and salad of the set meal

The appetizer is garlic brick bread, the leftmost side tastes a bit like fried croquette, and the middle is noodles with shrimp and flax sauce.

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▲Simmered rice with prawns and scallops
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▲New Zealand Filizo
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▲Drinks American coffee and fruit tea
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▲Dessert after meal: small cakes and seasonal fruits

MiaoliCity in the Sky|souvenir shop

Walking down the Paradise Castle, you will reach the Sky Shop and the Bird vs People Restaurant. The Sky Shop is a small souvenir shop, which sells postcards, small dolls, religious art, biscuits, candies and other small things. The small room will be able to finish shopping soon. What's very special is that there is a SPA jacuzzi in the store, but it doesn't seem to be in use. It turns into a pool. I don't know if it is a landscaping or a SPA originally designed here?

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MiaoliCity in the Sky|Vegetarian Restaurant

The menu of Bird vs. People seems to be a vegetable restaurant. Although it is vegetable food, the menu is also very rich. There are teppanyaki, stewed rice, grilled and pasta, which is suitable for those who want to eat vegetable food. The design of the restaurant is very beautiful, the large glass windows of the high-rise buildings let in the light, and the inside is also full of green plants, which makes people relax.

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▲Bird vs. people restaurant full of greenery
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▲Desserts sold by the bird vs. people restaurant
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▲Bird vs. people restaurant vegetable set menu
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▲The outdoor dining area of the restaurant

MiaoliCity in the Sky|cat church

Cat slaves, we are very curious about the cat church, so after eating, we decided to walk to the top of the park with a big belly, digest our stomachs by the way, and see what there is in the cat church! I heard that the Cat Church is a newly built attraction, and it seems to be under planning, but there is already a shaped church where you can take pictures? There will be a bamboo trail on the middle road, there are many bamboos, the park especially urges tourists to walk on the trail, don’t stay In the driveway to avoid danger.

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▲Guzhu Trail
S 5267608 结果
▲The scenery next to the cat church

When I walked up, I knew why it was called the cat church. There were a lot of meows hidden here. We saw two small black cats along the road, lying on the trail without fear of life! There is also a cat resting area behind the cat church, which is a place for cats to shelter from the wind and rain. There are some facilities under construction next to them. I think there will be more things next time, and I will reserve it as a surprise next time!

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▲Styling cat church
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▲The little black cat I met

MiaoliCity in the Sky|Nearby attractions

★One-day itinerary: Sky City-Longteng Broken Bridge- Take the old mountain line railway bicycle (route B round trip) -Shengxing Station-Shengxing Old Street-Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge is located near the Sky City, about 15-20 minutes by car. The two scenic spots are very suitable for playing together. Experience from Longteng Broken BridgeOld mountain line railway bicycle, Take a rideRoute BDrive all the way to Shengxing Station, stroll around Shengxing Old Street, enjoy Hakka cuisine, Hakka tea, and then return to Longteng Broken Bridge. It is a very suitable itinerary for couples and family trips! If you want to see the beautiful scenery of the sky and the Longteng Broken Bridge, you can choosePopular C routeOn the way, you will pass the 33-meter-high Yutengping Iron Bridge, and you can also overlook the Liyutan Reservoir. There are a lot of tourists on the old mountain line, and the trains are full at that time. It is recommended to buy tickets online before you will be empty!

👉Click here to book rail bike tickets on the official website👈

/Railway Bike Route B/

  •  The total time is 70-80 minutes (including commentary time, the guided tour is free to participate)
  • Along the way: Tunnel No. 2 (light projection), Shengxing Station (stay for about 30 minutes including guided tour, you can also visit Shengxing Old Street)
  • Single special price: NT$200
    Special price for children: NT$160 (must be 3 years old and up to 95 cm tall, children under 7 years old, get the ticket and show the health insurance card)
  • Ticket collection office: Jiushan Line Railway-Longteng Station
  • Intimate reminder: There are more mosquitoes in mountainous areas, you can bring mosquito repellent

/Railway Bike C Route/

  •  The total time is 70-80 minutes (including commentary time, the guided tour is free to participate)
  • Passing along: Yutengping Iron Bridge (33 meters high), overlooking the north section of Longteng Broken Bridge, tunnels 3-6, overlooking the back pond weir of Liyutan Reservoir, and Neishechuan Iron Bridge
  • Single special price: NT$250
    Special price for children: NT$200 (must be 3 years old and up to 95 cm tall, children under 7 years old, get the ticket and show the health insurance card)
  • Ticket collection office:Train on Jiushan Line-Longteng Station
  • Intimate reminder: There are more mosquitoes in mountainous areas, you can bring mosquito repellent

We all like Miaoli’s Sky City. Time slows down here and the air gets better. It’s also very suitable to bring children for family trips. There are many grasslands in the park to play around. For children, this side is more like it. Is it the fairy tale castle in their minds ❤️

Miaoli Sky City

  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00 on weekdays, 9:00-19:00 on holidays
  • Address: No. 33, Shifen, Xinkai Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County
  • Phone: 03 795 1815
  • contact method:Official website

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