[Miaoli Sanyi Attractions] Shengxing Station, Jiushan Line Railway Bikes, Shengxing Old Street, Hakka restaurants, great attractions for holiday trips!

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I came to Sanyi, Miaoli this week. Speaking of Sanyi, I thought of the famous wood carving first, but I didn’t expect that there is also one here.Very popular spot-old mountain line railway bicycle! Every holiday is always full of people, crowded with people who want to ride bicycles, and there are nostalgic railway scenes where you can take pictures. It is a great spot for dating with the whole family and couples! This article sorts out Shengxing Station traffic, railway bicycles, surrounding attractions, and recommended restaurants, and keeps it together for your next trip to Miaoli!

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Shengxing Old Street|Transportation

Shengxing Railway Station has a history of more than a hundred years. It used to be a lively railway station, but now it has stopped.Can't reach by train, But can still come here to feel the nostalgic atmosphere. Just follow the navigation to get there by car. The road in the old street is a one-way street, and there is a private parking lot nearby. The parking fee is about 100 yuan/time, and then you can walk to the old street.

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Shengxing Old Street|Old Mountain Line Railway Bicycle

The old mountain line railway bicycle is a new and popular activity in the near future. Many tourists come here for this reason. There are three routes to reach different scenic spots. There are two ticket pick-up stations at Shengxing Station and Longteng Station.From Shengxing Station, you can take route A to the secret place of the South Broken Bridge. On the way, you will pass the 33-meter-high Yutengping Iron Bridge and overlook the Longteng Broken Bridge.Because railway bicycles are so popular, we went to sell out all day tickets, orI suggest you book tickets online first, so you won’t lose money!
?Click here to book rail bike tickets on the official website

/Railway Bicycle Route A/

  • The total time is 70-80 minutes (including commentary time, the guided tour is free to participate)
  • Single special price: NT$250
    Special price for children: NT$200 (must be 3 years old and up to 95 cm tall, children under 7 years old, present the health insurance card when picking up the ticket)
  • Intimate reminder: There are more mosquitoes in mountainous areas, you can bring mosquito repellent
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▲Old Mountain Line Railway Bicycle Service Center
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▲Shengxing Station is also the starting station for railway bicycles
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▲Landscape restaurant next to the station-there is a meow
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▲It doesn't matter if you don't get it! There are bicycle models on site, so we can take pictures and have fun!
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Old Mountain Line Railway Bike-Shengxing Station(Next to Shengxing Old Street)

  • Address: No. 88, Shengxing, 14 Lin, Shengxing Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
  • Phone: 037-878599
  • contact method:Official website

Shengxing Old Street|Hakka cuisine restaurant

Shengxing Old Street, called the beauty of the Hakka mountain city,There are Hakka gourmet restaurants and Hakka Leicha experience shops everywhereYou can make your own mochi and tea. You can't miss these delicious Hakka dishes when you come here! The old street is built along the gentle hillside. It can be seen that many buildings have a long history, and the restaurants are all with stories. There is only one main road in the old street. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from beginning to end. It is very relaxing to take a stroll along the nearby trails and railway tracks.If you come from April to May every year, it is also the season when paulownia flowers are in full bloom, and you can see beautiful paulownia flowers flying around.

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▲There are many Hakka tea experience shops on the old street
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Going to the back of the old street, there is a particularly conspicuous cafe-Datou Station, The sales office is just a train, combining art and local culture, the outside is very generousMany decorations made by the owner are displayed to take pictures of travelers, It’s an alternative net beauty punching place ?Look carefully at those signboards, it turns out that the slogan written on it was turned over in Taiwanese. At first, I didn’t understand it stupidly. It’s quite interesting. ?

Datou Station(In Shengxing Old Street)

  • Business hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00, Monday, Tuesday and Friday 11:00-17:00, closed on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Address: No. 50, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
  • Phone: 0933 182 732
  • contact method:FB
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▲ Exterior of Datou Station Cafe
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▲After watching for a long time, it turns out that the cigarette butts are not littered~

Shengxing Station|Nearby Attractions

Most recommend everyoneTake a rail bike and walk to Longteng Broken Bridge,But if you don’t have a ticket like us, you can also go to the nearby small attractions Zhuo Ye Hut Resort and Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum. It is not far from the Sky City, Volcano Yan Nature Reserve, and West Lake Resort by car. , Can be included in the day trip itinerary.

The above is our Miaoli Sanyi one-day tour. On holiday, come to Shengxing Station and feel the nostalgic time and historical traces. It is a very good attraction!

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