[Recommendation of restaurants in Shengxing Old Street, Miaoli] Seven Sisters and Eight Brothers Hakka Restaurant, you can fill your mouth with roast pork and flavored chicken! (with menu)

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Shengxing Old Street is a well-known scenic spot in Sanyi, Miaoli. Recently, it has become more popular with the drive of railway bicycles. However, there are so many restaurants on the old street, and every time it is time to eat, it is always hesitant to go to which restaurant to dine. This time we ate at the Hakka restaurant in the old streetSeven Sisters and Eight Brothers, I was worried that dining in the very center of Old Street would be thunderous, but I sawGoogle rated very high, the store is almost full, so I walked in without hesitation! After eating, I feel that the meal is really good, I recommend it to everyone!

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Seven Sisters and Eight Brothers|Restaurant Environment

There are many Hakka restaurants in Shengxing Old Street. Seven sisters and eight younger brothers are near the tourist service center on the old mountain line.The signboard confidently stated that it was No. 1 on the Internet and was awarded the title of Hakka Cuisine Master.The exterior of the restaurant looks antique, and the interior is made of wooden tables and benches as dining tables and chairs.

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As for why it is called Seven Sisters and Eight Brothers? It is because the restaurant really has seven sisters and the youngest brother. It seems interesting to name it after the family composition. The history is recorded on the signboard, and it can be seen that the restaurant has been in business for a long time.

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Seven Sisters and Eight Brothers|Menu

The restaurant's meals are mainly divided into a la carte and co-cooked dishes, co-cooked dishes can be matched freely, and it is quite flexible. We only had two people at the time, we orderedFlavor package, Contains three kinds of side dishes, a bowl of soup, the portion is just right. Package also comes withLeicha that you can't miss when you come to Shengxing Old Street, Desserts and fruits, everything is super satisfying! The set price is 299 yuan.

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The store also provides unlimited drinking of your own black tea. If you like it, you can buy it and brew it yourself. There are several groups of guests who bring black tea home. The black tea here is really good. ❤️ The appearance of the black tea cup is also very special , The small hole above cleverly holds the ice cubes, so that the ice cubes will not be poured out when the tea is poured out. I heard that this cup was designed by the store itself, which is really clever!

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▲Specially designed teacup
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▲Tea sold at the restaurant

Seven Sisters and Eight Brothers | Meals

Guest Style Roast Pork Set

The well-fried guest-style roasted meat with bean sprouts will not be too greasy to eat together. The meat has a very good texture. People who like roasted meat will definitely like it! The side dishes of the set menu include roast pork and bamboo shoot soup, stir-fried cabbage, and crab bean curd.

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▲Guest style roast pork set meal

Xiaocai Crab Roe Tofu is a very special meal. Allie couldn't tell what it was at first. He only said it was delicious. Only when I asked the boss, I knew that there was crab roe in it! The tofu is very tender, and it is delicious to eat with the rich soup.

S 5775611 结果
▲ Impressive Crab Roe Tofu

The soup of the roasted pork and bamboo shoots soup tastes fresher and sweeter under the flavor of the nine-story pagoda. The bamboo shoots are also cooked very tenderly. There are so many ingredients in it, almost filling the whole bowl of soup.

S 5775610 结果
▲Roasted Pork and Bamboo Shoot Soup

Desserts, Lei Cha (with flavor package)

The dessert this time is red bean mochi. The outer skin is very soft, and the red bean filling is full of richness. After eating the whole set, although I am full, but seeing QQ's mochi, my stomach opens again unconsciously. There is also Lei tea in the package. Shengxing Old Street is full of Hakka Lei tea. It seems that you can't drink a cup of tea here! Lei Cha has a very strong taste and feels a bit like matcha tea, butAdd sesame, peanuts and other raw materials to grind into powder, Has more fragrance than matcha.

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Hakka Chicken Set

Allie is really a lover of fried chicken. Every time I go to a restaurant, whenever there is a meal related to chicken drumsticks, I will order it. The fried chicken here is really superb! it is good! eat! I don't know if the ingredients are good or the store is too good at cooking, the oil chicken is delicious! The taste is not woody at all. It is super good to eat with rice. After eating it, my liking for oily chicken has gone to a higher level.

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S 5775601 结果
▲Seven sisters and eight brothers flavor set meal

The above are the meals we ate in Shengxing Old Street this time. After eating, I seriously thinkPossessing the title of No. 1 on the InternetIt's not just a name. The package also includes Hakka tea, desserts, and a variety of Hakka dishes at one price. It's not bad, and it's also suitable for tourists who come to Shengxing Old Street!

Seven sisters and eight brothers mountain city shop(In Shengxing Old Street)

  • Business hours: 10:30-20:00 daily
  • Address: No. 71, 36714, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County
  • Phone: 03 787 0398
  • contact method:Official website

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