[Taoyuan Food] Restaurant next to Taoyuan Cultural District - How Well delicious American kitchen, charcoal grilled tomahawk pork chops, comprehensive seafood stewed rice, net beauty patio glass take a good picture!

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Share this good place to gather for a meal near Taoyuanyi Wen Special Zone-How Well American Kitchen, How Well's American-style kitchen, which corresponds to the Chinese homophony, is also very good. The name of the restaurant is quite cute at first glance.

📣At present, How Well's delicious American kitchen has been closed, so don't miss out!

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Haowei American Kitchen is located on Tongde 11th Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City. If you drive over, you can park in the exclusive parking lot near the restaurant. If the exclusive parking lot is full, you can park in the nearby paid parking lot. Parking is very convenient. The restaurant's signature is the handwritten How Well, with the background color of ocean blue, giving people a new sense of youth.

Haowei American Kitchen/Restaurant Tips

  • Meal time limit is 2 hours
  • Business hours: 11:30-21:30 (closed on Monday)
  • Pet friendly
  • Basic low consumption of 150 yuan (70 yuan for children over 110cm), 10% service fee.
  • 5% off for Taoyuan Citizen Card, 5% off for credit cards of South China Bank and Cooperative Bank
  • With parking lot

Haowei American Kitchen/Dining Environment

The logo of the restaurant is a cute toucan. It is very relaxing as soon as you enter the restaurant. The decoration of the restaurant is different from the general American restaurants with strong style. Instead, it is a kind of comparison.Small fresh route. The restaurant is very bright,There is a patio on the right side of the gate, which turned out to be a glass ceiling,With the lovely illustration background behind it, I didn’t expect to come here to eat and take a photo on the Internet. ❤️

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The restaurant seats are made of wooden tables, chairs and high chairs. They have a simple but generous feeling. The wallpaper behind is also so cute. A lazy cat is lying on the window lattice and basking in the sun. It is a knowing smile!

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Various paintings from Van Gogh’s life are hung on the other corner of the restaurant, but we don’t have much talent for art ? just feel that dining in such an environment is very comfortable!

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▲The counter of Haowei Kitchen

Before mentioning the meal, let’s talk about the super-powerful equipment of the restaurant! Haowei American Kitchen AdoptedCommercial electrostatic air cleaner, There arePM2.5 detector. The restaurant is very demanding for a clean environment and air quality. It is no wonder that when we enter the restaurant, we feel that the air is particularly good, and there is almost no uncomfortable smell of kitchen fumes.

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Haowei American Kitchen/Menu

According to the restaurant, the sauces used in the store are made from fresh vegetables, fruits and meats of the season over a long period of time, instead of using semi-finished products for reprocessing. The fruits and vegetables in the meal are fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables produced by local small farmers. You can feel that the restaurant has put a lot of effort on the ingredients, so let's take a look at the menu and meals!

Haowei American Kitchen/Meals

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Char-grilled Tomahawk Pork Chop 420 yuan

Char-grilled Tomahawk Pork Chop is said to be a popular meal in the store. The pork chops are delicious and juicy just by looking at them.The taste is also very soft and tender, and the meat is fresh and sweet, Not too hard or too dry, the original flavor or dip is very delicious! The meal is accompanied by vegetables to relieve greasiness, as well as creative decorations painted by the chef that day. It is a remarkable meal! If you order the charcoal grilled Tomahawk pork chop,A small glass of red wine will be attached, There is wine and meat, so satisfying ?

  • The platoons are cooked to order, and the cooking time is longer (about 30 minutes). It is recommended that you call the store to order before you come to avoid long waiting.
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▲Charcoal-grilled Tomahawk Pork Chop

Comprehensive seafood stewed rice (chef shrimp paste) 360 yuan

The gout meal is here again~ The comprehensive seafood stewed rice contains clams, shrimps, mussels, scallops, and fish slices. The top is sprinkled with red chili shreds, and the scent will make your mouth water! The stewed rice here has basil green sauce and chef's shrimp paste to choose from. As a seafood controller, we chose shrimp paste, from the beginning to the end! The taste is very strong, it is highly recommended for those who like seafood!

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▲Comprehensive seafood stewed rice
Meals can be paired with A, B, and C three sets?
  • A set meal + 80 yuan: choose one of lettuce salad/bread, choose one of chef's soup/drink
  • Set B + 120 yuan: Choose one of lettuce salad/bread, choose one chef's soup/drink, dessert
  • C set meal + 150 yuan: Choose one of lettuce salad/bread, chef's soup, drink, dessert

lettuce salad

After eating so much meat and seafood, I really need some vegetables to relieve my greasiness! The sauce provided in the lettuce salad is a sweet and sour vinaigrette. In addition to the common lettuce, there are also alfalfa sprouts, dragon fruit, diced tomatoes, etc. Today's vegetable quantity depends on this plate! (Children who don't like food?)

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Set bread (can be renewed once for free)

Triangle-cut toast with some chopped green onions and garlic. It is recommended to eat it with the thick soup. The bread is free and can be refilled once.

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Chef Bisque

The clerk said that their soup is different from others, it is very rich. Sprinkle some diced toast on it, and it feels full!

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American classic 280 yuan

This American classic is very rich in content-there are German sausages, bacon, French fries, bread, lettuce salad, eggs (you can choose American scrambled eggs or sun eggs), yogurt and a drink, which can be used as a brunch! Suitable for people who don't want to eat too much and want to eat a little bit of everything!

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▲American breakfast

Appetizers/Bacon spicy fried mussels 250 yuan

Does anyone love mussels like Jeffy! The mussels are really delicious when they are fried with garlic, and the delicious American kitchen with bacon is a special place for meals. Unexpectedly, the flavors of bacon and mussels are unexpectedly combined. Clear! However, this meal is a bit spicy (spicy is delicious), and those who are afraid of spicy food may have to consider it!

S 5775574 结果
▲Bacon spicy fried mussels

Grapefruit sparkling water

The grapefruit sparkling water with a faint grapefruit taste looks cool and refreshing. You can see some grapefruit peel in the cup. The overall taste is very refreshing, and it is just right for American cuisine!

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Haowei American Kitchen/Activity Offer

Check-in gift-nachos

Now it happens that the store is launching a punch-in and snack-delivery event, and will give away nachos. The tomato salsa is slightly spicy, but it's appetizing after eating!

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Check-in gift-give sweet potato balls to three people

And if three people check in, Haowei American Kitchen will give away sweet potato balls. At first I heard the sweet potato ball and thought it was the hollow QQ ball of the night market.It's actually sweet potato balls with stuffing in the bag, The thick outer skin is wrapped with fragrant fillings, super delicious!

S 5775560 结果

The above is our dining experience at How Well’s American Kitchen. The restaurant’s environment is simple and textured. The air quality is also very demanding. The performance of the meals is also very good. Even the sweet potato balls delivered are super powerful. Nice restaurant around the special zone, and also a recommended American restaurant in Da Taoyuan area!

How Well American Kitchen

  • Business hours: Closed on Monday, other daily 11:00-21:30
  • Address: No. 155, Tongde 11th Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City
  • Phone: 03 3580959
  • contact method:FB

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