[Hsinchu Furniture] Westin Home, electric bed, mattress, bed set, sofa, the most beautiful furniture store in Zhubei!

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It's been a while since I moved to Hsinchu. The first thing I do every time I move is to go shopping in furniture stores, looking for inspiration for the layout! Recently, I discovered that there is a newly opened textured furniture store in Zhubei, "Westin Home Westin Home", sellingElectric bed, advanced mattress, modeling bed set, sofaSitting and lying furniture, not only beautiful in appearance, but also of good quality! Without further ado, let's take a look at our experience that day!

Westin Home|Transportation

Westin Home Furnishing is located at the junction of Jiafeng North Road and Dongxing Road in Zhubei. It is recommended to drive there by yourself. You can park on the side of the road, or Quanying parking lot (Zhubei Yimin).

Westin Home Westin Home

  • Business hours: Closed on Tuesday, other days 11:00-20:00
  • Address: No. 47, Jiafeng North Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
  • Tel: 03-6589838
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Westin Home|Electric Bed

Westin Home is located at the corner below the building, and it looks even more beautiful under the illumination of the lights at night, giving it a sense of tranquility. The furniture store looks small from the outside, but I didn't expect it to have three floors inside! The first floor is the electric bed brand "Go home to sleep", there are electric beds of various sizes and materials on site. The second and third floors areWestin Home Westin Home, the second floor is mainly for sofas, and the third floor is for mattresses and bed sets.

westin 威斯汀家居54
▲Exterior of Westin Home store
westin 威斯汀家居31
▲The first floor is the electric bed brand to go home and sleep
westin 威斯汀家居32
westin 威斯汀家居33
▲Shoe changing area at the entrance
westin 威斯汀家居34

I seldom see electric beds when I go to furniture stores. It’s a novelty for the first time I’ve seen them up close, so hurry up and try them out! My father often has a backache while carrying Xiaotanger on his back. Seeing the bed, I really want to lie down 🤣 The electric bed for sleeping at home is recommended by many artists, such as Guo Yanjun, Wang Sijia, Chen Fangyu, etc. The electric bed can be adjusted to various heights and heights The angle can be adjusted up and down from head to waist to toe, very user-friendly!

westin 威斯汀家居36
westin 威斯汀家居37
▲The electric bed for sleeping at home can adjust the angle from head to toe
westin 威斯汀家居38
▲If you have an electric bed at home, you will feel like a concubine sleeping every day!

Like Allie, sometimes she used to lift her legs before going to bed, and the electric bed can also raise the position of her feet to allow blood circulation to eliminate edema~ Some electric beds here even have a massage function. Wouldn’t it be too heavenly~ You can use different postures on the bed to read, work, and sleep without discomfort, making sleeping an enjoyable thing!

westin 威斯汀家居39
▲The remote control experience the lifting adjustment of the electric bed

Westin Home|Sofa

Then we went to the Westin home on the second and third floors. We really like the interior decoration of Westin. The warm yellow tone and wood make it relaxing to walk around. There is an elevator on the first floor to take you to the second and third floors, which is very friendly to the elders. At first, I was afraid that such a high-end furniture store would have a sense of distance, but after stepping in, I found that it was not at all! The boss is also very kind and approachable. To choose a suitable mattress, you have to lie down and ask. It is very important to have professional service personnel!

westin 威斯汀家居35
▲ There is an elevator on the first floor of Westin

There are several sets of sofas on the second floor. The colors and styles are very novel. The gray and milk tea colors are very versatile with everything. I really like this color with perfect texture! Unlike common furniture stores, Westin Home's sofas can becustomized,HaveProfessional one-on-one service, Make plans according to the space in your home. The sofa can be shortened or lengthened into a single, double, or three-seater, and it can also be combined with an L-shape or with a footstool. If the space at home is small and difficult to arrange, or if you want to have your own style of furniture, you must visit Westin!

westin 威斯汀家居42
westin 威斯汀家居44
westin 威斯汀家居45
▲Westin sofas can be customized in size and material, very flexible!
westin 威斯汀家居41
westin 威斯汀家居50

There are also many choices of leather for Westin sofas, includingEuropean top layer cowhide, NAPPA cowhide, cool technology clothWait, there are all kinds of materials. For example, Allie has a cat at home, and every time she chooses a sofa, it is a headache. The sofas bought at home are often reimbursed immediately, and there is no way to buy the sofa she likes.cat scratch cloth, it really touched us~ In the future, the sofa will not be afraid of being scratched!

westin 威斯汀家居2
▲The sofa has a variety of materials to choose from
westin 威斯汀家居52
▲This small double sofa feels very suitable for a living room with a small square meter!
westin 威斯汀家居53
westin 威斯汀家居51

for the following groupEagle Leisure ChairImpressive, pure hand-stitched cowhide, I heard that it is also used on the leather seats of double B cars, no wonder it has a high-end feeling when lying on it! The boss generously invited us to sit and have a look. When we lay down, we found that the sense of envelopment is very strong, and the body can be extended backward to make the chair tilt, which is very ergonomic design. There are two colors seen on the scene, yellow-brown and black and white plaid, both of which are very classic and attractive styles!

westin 威斯汀家居43
Eagle Leisure Chair
westin 威斯汀家居47
Eagle Leisure Chair
westin 威斯汀家居46
Double bed set for guest bedroom

current westinBuy a sofa with a free chair and stool, I saw a lot of cute and colorful macarons on the scene, including orange, green, purple, and beige, and I feel that they are also very eye-catching in the living room! Westin's furniture is very delicate, most of which are imported from Europe. The materials are exquisite, noble but not expensive. Putting one or two sets at home will instantly improve the taste of home!

westin 威斯汀家居48
westin 威斯汀家居49
Small chair and stool as a gift when buying a sofa
westin 威斯汀家居40
Macaron stool

Westin Home|Mattresses

Coming to the main event on the third floor, the mattresses of Westin are really eye-catching! When it comes to choosing a mattress, it is really a big question. If it is too soft, too hard, too hot, or too cold, you will not be able to sleep well. Everyone likes different softness and hardness. Therefore, when buying a mattress, you must sit and see for sure. It is not enough, you must try to lie down on the spot!

westin 威斯汀家居29
westin 威斯汀家居28

There are several mattresses on the third floor that you can try lying on. In addition to the different hardness, the functionality of each mattress is different. For different ethnic groups, there are mainCool yarn, antistatic, infrared heat storage, silver ion antibacterialWait for different functions, choose according to your own physical condition, I hope everyone can find a suitable mattress here!

westin 威斯汀家居3
Multiple mattresses on the third floor provide trial lying
westin 威斯汀家居21

Compared with most common mattresses that use independent tubes to make the support layer, Westin's mattress does not contain any independent tubes, and the weight of the body is completely distributed in the mattress! A raw egg was even placed on each mattress for consumers to sit and watch. Jeffy was still carrying a small orange on his back, and sat down carefully, fearing that the egg would be broken by accident. It is not broken, it is firmly pressed into the mattress! The boss said that it is like we are sleeping. Although the mattress is hard, it will not compress the nerves of the body.

westin 威斯汀家居22
westin 威斯汀家居4
Tried the egg on the mattress and it didn't break at all!
westin 威斯汀家居27
In order to prove that it is a real egg, the boss even broke it for us to see on the spot🤣

To be honest, I really like Westin's mattress. Allie likes to sleep on a hard bed. Whenever she encounters a mattress that is too soft, her back will hurt the next day. It is supportive, but it will not compress the nerves. The sense of envelopment is very strong. It is really different when lying down. I really want to buy a set on the spot~ The body that has worked hard all day needs a bed like this to heal Body and mind!

westin 威斯汀家居25

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Westin mattress has one more thing that is very appetizing to us. Even if it is a double bed, when one side turns over or gets up, the other side hardly feels vibration. Jeffy sometimes works until midnight In the middle of the night, we need to tiptoe and climb into bed like a ninja, afraid of waking up Allie, who is a light sleeper, this is really important to us! In addition, each mattress of Westin enjoys a 15-year warranty. With such a brand guarantee, consumers can buy with more peace of mind!


I don't know if you are often electrocuted suddenly in your life, and it is often caused by the instantaneous discharge of static electricity accumulated in the body. Jeffy's physique is very easy to accumulate electric charges. In the dry and cold winter, he is always screamed by electric charges. He is super afraid of electric charges. These electric charges affect our body during sleep. Westin's "Windsor Mattress" usesGraphene antistatic heat storage cloth, can guide the static electricity inside the body, prevent the body from itching, and keep the body warm. This design is really cool!

westin 威斯汀家居17
"Windsor Mattress" uses graphene anti-static heat storage cloth, which is an anti-static mattress.
westin 威斯汀家居15
Static electricity from the body makes the light bulb light up!
westin 威斯汀家居18


thisCharlotteThe mattress is made of Japanese I COLD extremely cold and cool yarn, with multi-layer breathable cotton layer and breathable fabric, which makes it comfortable and not stuffy when lying down. If you often sleep profusely in sweat like Jeffy in summer, it is a very good choice!

westin 威斯汀家居12
"Charlotte Mattress" using Japan's I COLD extremely cold and cool yarn


The surface layer of Hilton uses the same I COLD extremely cold feeling yarn as Charlotte, but the material of the support layer inside is different, and the overall feeling of lying down will be slightly softer ~ the hardness of each mattress here is slightly different You can feel the difference.

westin 威斯汀家居10
The same is the "Hilton" mattress with extremely cold and cool yarn


VeniceThe surface layer is made of Xtra cool, which is also a material that cools and dissipates heat. The mattress feels soft and firm when lying on it, and the overall coverage is sufficient. It is so comfortable to lie down that you are reluctant to get up!

westin 威斯汀家居7
Moderate firmness "Venice" mattress


According to the boss, William's mattress is the bed that the elders prefer, and the overall softness is a bit harder! The surface layer is made of silver ion antibacterial cloth, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria! After lying down, Allie said that her mother would definitely like it. One day, she can bring her to try lying down. It can be considered as a gift for future filial piety!

westin 威斯汀家居5
The "William" mattress, which is deeply loved by the elders, is moderately hard and has silver ions on the surface for antibacterial properties.

In addition to mattresses, a set of textured bed frames is definitely needed! In the current situation where there are more and more families with small pings, storage space is very important! Different from the previous drawer-style storage, Westin has a bed frame that can pull up the entire mattress, making the use of space more vivid.

westin 威斯汀家居1
The characteristic flip-up bed set adds a lot of storage space!
westin 威斯汀家居26

I really like Westin sofas and mattresses. I really want to pack them up and take them home! In addition, the boss is really professional, he analyzed a lot of sleep-related knowledge for us, let us know how mattresses affect sleep, and find the mattress that suits us!Human beings spend 1/3 of their time sleeping. A good sleep makes the work more efficient during the day. It is absolutely necessary to invest in a good bed!I recommend everyone to come to Westin Home Furnishing in Zhubei when you have time, and get to know a good brand, which may change your life!