[Nantou Attractions] 6 classic attractions in Sun Moon Lake! Take a boat trip to the lake, the Qinglongshan trail, Itathao shopping street, and the super-lingual moon temple, suitable for all ages!

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Speaking of Nantou, one must think of Sun Moon Lake, this beautiful mountain lake. Sun Moon Lake is the second largest lake in Taiwan and the largest semi-natural lake. It is shaped like the sun on one side and the moon on the other, hence the name Sun Moon Lake. This time Jeffy and Allie are going to take their mother on a trip, walk around at will, and share our itinerary in Nantou Sun Moon Lake that day to everyone!

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✔ Nantou Sun Moon Lake Selected Accommodation

Monarch Hotel | More than ten thousand yuan

Yunpin Hotel,Sun Moon Hotel

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Basic lodging|under 2500

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Sun Moon Lake/Day Trip Itinerary

Day trip to Sun Moon Lake: Shuishe Wharf→Xuanguang Wharf→Golden Grandma’s Mushroom Tea Egg→Xuanguang Temple (from Xuanguang Wharf)→Itathao Wharf→Itathao Shopping Street (from Itathao Wharf)→Shuishe Wharf→Longfeng Palace Yuelao Temple

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Sun Moon Lake/Shueishe Wharf

There are three piers in Sun Moon Lake, namelyShuishe Wharf, Xuanguang Temple Wharf, Itathao Wharf. Shuishe Wharf is usually the first place where everyone arrives at Sun Moon Lake. Many people park their cars here to start their journey. Therefore, the traffic flow here is more crowded, and it is also a hot spot for accommodation in Sun Moon Lake. From Shuishe to Xiangshan Visitor Center, this section is called Xiangshan section, which was also selected asTop 10 most beautiful bike paths in the world! If you want to ride a bicycle around the lake, you can also start here. For detailed cycling routes, please refer to the following article?
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After purchasing the ticket at Shuishe Wharf, we will take the boat to Xuanguang Wharf. After purchasing the ticket, the service staff will stamp it on hand. After that, when boarding at other wharves, we only need to show the stamp in hand to board the ship.

  • Sun Moon Lake ferry ticket fare: full ticket 300 yuan / discount ticket 250 yuan / child ticket (3-12 years old) 150 yuan / child ticket (under 3 years old) 100 yuan
  • Address: Shuishe Wharf, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Phone: 049 2855688
  • Business hours: 07:00-18:00 in summer, 08:00-17:00 in winter, close the pier in case of weather factors, such as typhoon and dense fog
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Sun Moon Lake/Larue

Take a boat from Shueishe Wharf to Xuanguang Wharf.A hill on Sun Moon Lake-Lalu Island. After the 921 earthquake, the Sun Moon Lake Dam was damaged, and Lalu Island also surfaced due to the drop in water level. Indirectly, more Thao ruins were discovered on Lalu Island. Afterwards, the Thao people strive to be named Lalu Island (the name of Lalu Island comes from the Thao language: Lalu, meaning the holy island in the heart). In order to stop man-made destruction, tourists are not allowed to go to the island and can only admire Lalu Island from a distance. Beautiful appearance.

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▲Lalu Island in the center of Sun Moon Lake
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Xuanguang Wharf/Golden Pen Grandma's Tea Egg

Then we came to the first stop after taking the boat, Xuanguang Wharf. Xuanguang Wharf is a wooden plank road wharf with Chinese style architecture, which looks very antique. Walking along the Xuanguang Wharf, you can see Grandma's tea eggs in Jinpen. Grandma's tea eggs are made with Assam black tea and Puli mushrooms. They are really different from the outside, so they are so fragrant! There is usually a long queue for a tea egg of 13 yuan. When I came this time, I didn't need to line up, so hurry up and buy one and have a try! In addition to tea eggs, Grandma here also sells dessert ice cream?

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▲Arrive at Xuanguang Pier
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▲ Grandma's tea eggs in Xuanguang Wharf
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Xuanguang Pier/Xuanguang Temple

We walked to the Qinglong Mountain trail ahead and consumed Calori. Qinglong Mountain is about 850 meters long, and there will be two temples up there, Xuanguang Temple and Xuanzang Temple. Many pilgrims come to Xuanguang Wharf to visit these two temples, so they are also called pilgrimage trails. But because it is late, we still have to go to Itathao Pier, this time we only walked to Xuanguang Temple. On Xuanguang Temple, there is a famous landmark stone with a large Sun Moon Lake written on it, and there is a statue of Xuanzang's Buddhist scriptures engraved on the back.

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Xuanguang Pier

  • Address: Xuanguang Wharf, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Phone: 049 2850289
  • Business hours: 07:00-18:00 in summer, 08:00-17:00 in winter, close the pier in case of weather factors, such as typhoon and dense fog
  • Related links:Sun Moon Lake Official Website

Sun Moon Lake/Ita Thao Pier

After coming down from the Qinglong Mountain Trail, take a boat to Itathao Wharf. When you come to Sun Moon Lake, you must come to Itathao Wharf Old Street~ Ithashao Old Street has many Thao traditional food, Thao handicrafts, and the most The famous Sun Moon Lake black tea (Assam black tea is one of them)! I have heard of Assam since I was a child, and only after I came to Nantou did I know that Sun Moon Lake is where Assam tea is produced. During the Japanese Occupation, the Japanese discovered that the climate of Nantou was very similar to the Assam province of India, where the Assam tea is produced, so they established the Yuchi Black Tea Experimental Branch and introduced this variety from the Assam province of India for planting. Sun Moon Lake Assam Black Tea. This is a treasure for the emperor of Japan. If you don’t be the emperor, you can drink the same thing as the emperor?

  • Address: Itathao Wharf, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Phone: 049 2850660
  • Business hours: 07:00-18:00 in summer, 08:00-17:00 in winter, close the pier in case of weather factors, such as typhoon and dense fog
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▲Ita Thao Visitor Center
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▲Come to Sun Moon Lake for a cup of Assam tea

Sun Moon Lake/Modern Aborigines

In Itathao Old Street, I found a very special shop—Modern Aboriginals. From the exterior of the shop, you can tell that the owner is a very powerful collector. There are many specimens imported from Africa such as buffalo, antelope, deer, and crocodiles. This shop is designed to sell Thao aboriginal handmade weaving products, handmade jewelry, and handmade wood carvings, etc. If you like the aboriginal style, visitors can go here!

  • Address: No. 77, Yiyong Street, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Phone: 04 9285 0472
  • Business hours: 9:00-20:00 daily
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Sun Moon Lake/Dragon Phoenix Palace Moon Lao Temple

Then, we came to the end of our Nantou Bank today-Yuelao Temple! Yuelao Temple used to be on Lalu Island, but it moved to Longfeng Palace after the 921 earthquake. I've heard of it in the pastThe Yuelao Temple in Sun Moon Lake is super effective, There were many believers who left the single after worshipping Yue Lao, and brought another companion to fulfil their vows. Single people can come here to ask for a marriage, and another partner can come here to ask for a smooth relationship! There are blessings on the Dragon Phoenix Palace. If you are not sure about the worship process, you can ask the staff.

  • Address: No.291-26, Zhongshan Road, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, 555
  • Phone: 049 2856818
  • Opening hours: 6:00-21:00
  • Free parking
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▲I heard that the very effective Dragon and Phoenix Palace Moon Old Temple
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▲Pray for marriage with the old man under Yuexia
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The process of visiting the Moon Lao Temple in Longfeng Palace


  1. Receive incense and gold paper

    Go to the side hall to receive incense and gold paper, and donate as you wish

  2. BAITIANGONG and the gods in the palace

    First worship God, pray for a smooth visit, insert a stick of incense, then worship the gods in the palace, pray for the help of the gods, and then insert a stick of incense

  3. Go to worship the old moon

    Go to Yuelao Temple with the third incense stick and gold paper and introduce yourself to Yuelao (name, where you live, date of birth, etc.). Singles pray to Yuelao for marriage. If you have a partner, you will be like Yuelao. Pray for peace and prosperity

  4. The Holy Grail for the Red Line

    After walking to the Holy Grail, you can go to the red ball next to Yuelao to take the red line. Remember that boys should take the line on the left of Yuelao, and the line on the right for girls.

  5. Sign poem

    Then you can ask for a cup. Please Yuelao give us an instruction. After the request is completed, there will be staff nearby to assist in the resolution of the visa. You can listen to what they say!

  6. Votive

    Of course this is not what we will do today~ It’s just that if after paying homage to Yue Lao, the relationship blossoms and bears fruit in the end, I have to bring the other half back to thank Yue Lao!

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The above is our Nantou itinerary, taking a boat trip to three piers. Because I was traveling with my mother, the overall itinerary was looser, it was very comfortable and the scenery was very beautiful. It's a pity that the weather is not very good this time, and it's raining a little bit. Next time you have the opportunity to wait until the weather is good, come visit again!

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