[Scenic Spots in Chiayi] The highest scenic suspension bridge, Taiping Elevator, offers a panoramic view of the 36 bends along the road, the Jianan Plain, and the Taiwan Strait! Go shopping in Taiping Old Street and sing awkward tyrants!

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As a child in Chiayi, you must come and visit this super scenic spot, the spectacular and exciting Taiping Cloud Ladder! Taiping Yunti is located in Meishan Township, Chiayi County. It straddles Taiping Mountain and Guishan Mountain. It has an altitude of 1,000 meters and a bridge length of 281 meters.It is currently the highest scenic suspension bridge in Taiwan. Here you can see the beautiful 36 bends of Meishan Mountain. If the weather is good, you can also see the Jianan Plain and the Taiwan Strait. It is a popular attraction not to be missed in Chiayi!

Chiayi Meishan Scenic Spots Drop by//Taiwan version of the Golden Pavilion Temple of the Dragon King,Independence Mountain Fengtian Rock//

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▲A super long and spectacular suspension bridge across the two mountains!
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▲Taiping at the entrance of Taiping Elevator

Taiping elevator transportation

  • By car: National Highway No. 3 → Meishan Interchange (279K) → Huanbei Street → Huashan Road → 149 County Road → 162 Jia County Road → Taiping Yunti
  • Bus *For detailed information on the bus schedule and time of Taiping Line, please click here*
    Bus numbers 7304, 7315, 7323 all depart from Chiayi Railway Station and transfer to Meishan Bus StationTaiping Line BusGo to Taiping Elevator.
    Take the Taiwan Railway//Please get off at [Chiayi Station] and then take the bus to Meishan, then transfer at Meishan Bus StationTaiping Line BusGo to Taiping Elevator.
    Take the high-speed rail//please get off at [Chiayi Station] and transfer to the BRT to Chiayi Railway Station, then transfer to the bus to Meishan, then transfer to Meishan Bus StationTaiping Line BusGo to Taiping Elevator.

If you drive over, the Taiping ladder is located next to County Road 162A. On the way, you will encounter the famous Taiping Thirty-Six Bend. Each bend will be numbered. If you are prone to motion sickness, you can take a rest with your eyes closed or count the bends. Number, it will be over soon! There is also a parking lot (50 yuan per hour) next to the Taiping Yunti Visitor Center.

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Tickets for Taiping Sky Ladder

Taiping elevator can buy tickets on site or useBuy tickets online, The fares are divided into the following categories. HereResidents of Chiayi County (city) can enjoy a preferential ticket price of 30 yuan if they show relevant documents, It is a very favorable price, friends in Chiayi must remember to bring your ID to the mountain! The visitor center also provides many rental services. Pets on the bridge cannot land on the ground. It is safer to rent a cage if you are not able to hug a furry child. The rental of a pet cage is 50 yuan and a deposit is 500 yuan.

//You can purchase a full ticket from here to enjoy a 10% discount//

Unanimous100 yuan1. The general public
Preferential ticket80 yuan1. Student (with student ID card)
half fare50 RMB1. Children (7-12 years old, present the Republic of China health insurance card)
2. Elderly people over 65 years old (show the Republic of China Identity Card, Health Insurance Card or Respect for the Elderly Card)
Special ticket30 yuan1. People whose domicile address is located in Chiayi county or city (show the Republic of China identity card or driver's license or the Republic of China residence permit)
2. Hold a volunteer service honor card (show the volunteer service honor card)
No tickets1. Pre-school children (under 7 years old, present the Republic of China health insurance card or passport)
2. The physically and mentally handicapped person holds a certificate of disability and one person who needs to accompany him
3. A villager whose household registration address is in Meishan Township (show the Republic of China ID card or driver's license)
※There is no need to make an appointment, just go to the entrance of the ladder and show your ID and queue up for admission.
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The scenery on the bridge is really beautiful! On the Taiping Cloud Ladder, you can see various natural landscapes such as sunset, sunset glow or the sea of clouds, and the well-known 36 bends of Meishan, which fainted along the way, are also completely displayed in front of you. When the visibility is good, it is said that it can continue along the Jianan Plain Seeing the Taiwan Strait and taking children to get to know Taiwan, it is really a good place to educate and enjoy. Unfortunately, Jeffy's geography is not good, so I don't know which side is the south, south, west, northwest on the bridge!

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▲The suspension bridge is so high that it's a bit exciting to walk
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▲The 36 bends seen from the bridge
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I wonder if anyone is born afraid of walking on a rickety suspension bridge? But don't be surprised! According to the official website, the Taiping Sky Bridge can withstand strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 and gusts of magnitude 16. Walk to the other end of the bridge for about 5-10 minutes, there are two routes to go down the mountain, they areYunzhinan Road (40 minutes in total)With the lighterSlow downhill on the return journey (15 minutes in total), Both ends can reach Taiping Old Street. Yunzhinan Road will first climb the Haohanbo of 268 steps for about 10 minutes before starting to go downhill. If you climb up, you should see more and more beautiful scenery. If you have time, you can stay a little longer and walk on the mountain. It's a pity that we didn't have enough time that day, so we went lazily and went downhill and downhill ?

spots map
▲The downhill route map of Taiping Yunti
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▲Downhill trail

After going down the mountain, we came to the nearby Taiping Old Street to eat specialties. My parents insisted on buying the grilled corn from Taiping Old Street for us to eat. After eating, we found it was really fragrant, cheap and delicious ?

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▲Grilled corn in Taiping Old Street

Taiping Yunti is a tourist attraction that parents love to report to, because residents of Chiayi County have cheap fares, and occasionally walking up and down the mountain is also very good ?In addition, the Taiping Yunti at different times has different scenery, and the scenery you see every time you come. It's not all the same! Appreciating the natural beauty and eating a bunch of delicious roasted corn after climbing the mountain, it's no wonder that parents have been here many times!

Chiayi Meishan Taiping Cloud Ladder

  • Address: No. 5, Xia Kengzai, Taiping Village, Meishan Township, Chiayi County
  • Business hours: except Wednesdays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9:00-16:30, Saturdays and Sundays 9:00-17:30
  • Phone: 052571215
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