[Good things unboxing] Fangzi dripping chicken essence / dripping fish essence, Sun and Moon Health Chicken and Fish Feast Mid-Autumn Gift Box, delicious and smooth without fishy smell!

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The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon! When visiting the family reunion of the elders, I did not forget to choose a Mid-Autumn Festival gift box for relatives and friends.Sun Moon Health Chicken and Fish Feast Mid-Autumn Gift Box”, while being able to drink their famouschicken essenceandDripping fish essence, plus aTianmu Glazed Tea Cup, With a beautiful gift box outer bag, it is very decent to give as a gift! The taste of Fonzi’s dripping chicken essence and dripping fish essence is different from the previous stereotype. We prefer the taste. It is very smooth when drinking, which is very suitable for daily health care.

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Fangz|Sun Moon Health Chicken and Fish Feast Mid-Autumn Gift Box

Fonze's "Sun Moon Health Chicken and Fish Feast Mid-Autumn Gift Box, the contents of which areFive Packs of Chicken Essence,Five packets of fish essence, the girdle with the pattern of the moon and the jade rabbit is very suitable for the occasion. In the past, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, we always chose moon cakes, pineapple cakes and other biscuits as Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. This year, I wanted to try something different. I would like to express my feelings to my parents about healthy food. I hope that important people around me can stay healthy. Very practical!

芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精1
▲Fanzi'sSun Moon Health Chicken and Fish Feast Mid-Autumn Gift Box
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精2
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精16
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精17
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精3
▲The contents are five packets of chicken essence and five packets of fish essence.
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精4
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精13
▲ The Tianmu glazed tea cup that comes with the Mid-Autumn Festival gift box is just the size of a container to hold a packet of chicken essence or fish essence.
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精7

Fonzi | Drop of Chicken Essence

Fonzi's Chicken Essence is rich in protein and amino acids. It is mainly produced by those who have been raised for more than 90 days and have a health certificate.Red Feather ChickenIt is made, because the growth process is not administered with growth hormones, antibiotics and hormones, etc., so consumers are more comfortable to drink. Jeffy used to be a person who was afraid of chicken essence products. He almost felt nauseated all morning after drinking it. The smell of chicken remained in his mouth for a long time and could not be dissipated. and in the processDo not add a drop of water and other additives, the taste is very rich, and the essence and sweet taste of the chicken are perfectly presented.

芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精12
▲Fangzi’s chicken essence is made from red-feather chickens, and no growth hormone, antibiotics and hormones are administered during the growth process.
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精6
▲Fanzi does not add a drop of water and additives in the manufacturing process, the flavor of the chicken essence is very strong, but there is no fishy smell.
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精18

because there have beenHigh temperature and high pressure sterilization procedure, Fonzi's dripping chickenStore at room temperature, can be stored for two years at room temperature. It is also very convenient for gift-givers, and does not need to go through frozen distribution with high shipping costs, inconvenient receipt, and food spoilage. It is delicious to pour out the chicken essence directly at room temperature. If you like to drink it warm, you can also use an electric cooker to cook or heat it in water for about 3-5 minutes, or even add it to dishes or soups when cooking.

芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精9
芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精8
▲Heat it with water for about 3-5 minutes, you can drink warm chicken essence.

Fonzi | Dripping Fish Essence

When Allie heard "Drip Fish Essence", she would be repelled, because she didn't like to eat fish at first, and she was afraid that the fish smell would be too strong and not easy to eat. After trying Fonzi's fish essence, I found that there is no such problem at all, not at all.no fishy smell, Let Allie who is expecting to give birth drink happily every day!

芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精10
▲ Dripping fish essence has no fishy smell at all, very smooth!

Different from the fish extract on the market, which uses more perch, Fonzi's fish extract is aStrictly select milkfish with production and marketing experience in marine aquaculture, has more high-quality protein. With high-pressure and constant-temperature extraction technology, the complete nutrition of the fish is locked.rich in collagen, both prenatal and postpartum are very suitable. When I was in the confinement center, the teacher also strongly recommended to drink a packet of fish essence every day, which is very good for the postpartum body. You don’t need to spend time dealing with fish soup every day, and you can get one packet of essence directly.

芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精5
▲Fangzi Drizzle Select strictly selects milkfish with production and marketing experience in marine aquaculture

In addition, Fonzi's Dripping Fish Essence also addeddeep sea fish chondroitin, it is very suitable for the elders who need to supplement the key mobility. The silver-haired people need to supplement nutrition on a regular basis, and it is also a good choice to give gifts to the elders during the New Year and festivals!

芳茲 滴雞精 滴魚精11

The chicken essence and fish essence I drink this time are endorsed by Zeng Guocheng. We both like the rich and mellow flavor. It is indeed a product launched by a big brand! Exquisite box packaging and assured quality assurance, if you want to have different ingenuity in Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, you may wish to refer to thisSun Moon Health Chicken and Fish Feast Mid-Autumn Gift BoxBar!

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