[Yilan Luodong Food] 8 kinds of snack lazy buns at Luodong Night Market, you can eat all the popular local food! (With information on vendors and parking lot)

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Traveling in Yilan often enters the lively Luodong Night Market. In addition to the dazzling array of vendors, there is no shortage of popular local delicacies. There are always long queues in several famous stores. It is not easy to eat! This time we sorted out our Luodong Night Market’s actual eating records, next time you come to Luodong Night Market, you might as well pay attention to it. It’s really super enjoyable to eat while shopping~

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Luodong Night Market|Samsung Scallion

  • About 35 yuan per string

The three-star scallion meat that you must not miss when you come to Luodong, there is a scallion skewers almost every few steps, and the density is amazing! Jeffy, who loves to eat green onions, stopped to take a look at almost every time he passed a stall. We also ate several scallion skewers, but with a small stomach, you can choose the super popular ones. The longest line is located opposite the cake residue and the meat. Of thisSamsung Scallion Skewers, There is almost crowded with queues from all walks of life, it’s the egg yolk area of the food stall~

羅東推薦小吃 三星蔥肉
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羅東推薦小吃 蔥肉

Luodong Night Market|Small Spring Pork, Teriyaki Preserved Egg

  • Phone: 0933244160
  • Business hours: 15:00-01:00
  • Address: No. 100, Gongyuan Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County, 265
  • Related websites:FB

Burou is deep-fried pork strips, and it is also a well-known special snack in Yilan. The most popular is Xiaochun Burou, which has long queues every time. The outer skin is crispy, but the inside is solid and plump tenderloin. Although it is deep-fried, it does not feel greasy. It is highly recommended! Teriyaki preserved eggs is also a very good snack, since you are all lined up, why not have a meal together!

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羅東推薦小吃 小春

Luodong Night Market

  • Phone: 0983951524
  • Address: Gongyuan Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County
  • Business hours: Friday and Saturday 17:00-21:00/Sunday to Thursday 16:30-21:00
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Jeffy, who loves to eat green onions, must not miss this snack under the temptation of the word "onion more". The queues are usually very long, but the speed of eating is very fast. The scallion cakes are deep-fried and crispy, with a thick texture on the outer belt. After biting down, it will give you a big bite of scallions. It is super enjoyable and much better than expected. Those who love scallion must not miss it!

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Luodong Night Market|Samsung Scallion Chicken Drumsticks

If Jeffy is a full onion control, then Allie must be a fried chicken thigh control. This snack that perfectly combines our two preferences must have a few skewers, and the price is not expensive. If you want to eat meat, choose chicken thigh skewers. ! The chicken skin is fried and crispy, and every bite is bursting with juice. It is super satisfying after eating~

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S 7086086 结果

Luodong Night Market|Peanut Roll Ice Cream

The peanut roll ice cream is a traditional snack from Yilan. The Q pancake crust is topped with sweet ice cream, covered with peanut flour, and it is about to become a national sweet! But the peanut roll ice cream is usually sprinkled with coriander, friends who don't like coriander, remember to inform the boss in advance!

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羅東推薦小吃 花生捲冰淇淋

Luodong Night Market|Hua Kee Dragon and Phoenix Legs

  • Address: No. 100, Gongyuan Road, Luodong Town, Yilan County
  • Phone: 0913567672
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The Huaji dragon and phoenix legs interviewed by many food shows are also one of the delicacies in the Luodong Night Market. You can also see them in Ruifang. The production process of dragon and phoenix legs is not simple. The fish paste is wrapped in a lard net and then fried on a string with bamboo skewers. Jeffy kept smelling the scent of dragon and phoenix legs when he lined up, and he was drooling while standing. The eldest brother in front of us also bought forty one at a time, which shows its popularity. The newly fried dragon and phoenix legs are very hot, so be careful of burns.

S 7086107 结果
羅東推薦小吃 龍鳳腿

Luodong Night Market|Lincoln Baked Sausage

  • Takeout only
  • Address: No. 100, Gongyuan Road, Luodong Town, Yilan County
  • Related websites:FB

Everyone must have eaten sausages, but this is the first time I have seen sausages with gratin! The boss combines Taiwanese cuisine with exotic flavors and develops grilled sausages, so that traditional snacks can also have new flavors, which can be matched with various flavors such as basil green sauce, salsa sauce, and Italian meat sauce. The first bite is just like a normal sausage, but then you will gradually eat the baked cheese and filling, which is very special.

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Luodong Night Market|Wei Jie Bao Xin Nian Yuan

  • Address: No. 95, Gongyuan Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County
  • Phone: 039560528
  • Business hours: Monday to Friday 12:00-23:00, Saturday and Sunday 12:00-24:00
  • Related websites:Official website

After eating so many savory foods, it's time to start your stomach with desserts! Sister Wei Bao Xin Nian Yuan is no stranger to Yilan, and she has opened several stores. The most classic is the hot noodle balls, packed with red bean filling, whether it is served with crushed ice or hot sweet soup, it is delicious, and it also draws a good end to tonight's food journey.

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Luodong Night Market|Parking lot

Luodong Night Market is always crowded every holiday night. It is hard to find a parking space. It is recommended to park in the picture below.Warehouse front parking lot(10 minutes walk),Fair underground parking(3 minutes walk),Luodong Town Stereoscopic Parking Lot(1 minute walk) andMinsheng Building Parking Lot(3 minutes walk).

messageImage 1624545941790
▲Luodong Night Market Parking Lot

The above is the snack we ate at Luodong Night Market this time. Although it is a snack, you can hardly have dinner after a round. Some vendors have really long queues, and we also spent a lot of time queuing. It is recommended that everyone depends on the situation and avoid waiting for too long to be in a bad mood. I hope that everyone can also go home with a bulging belly?