【Hsinchu Food】Li. Pork belly chicken with pepper in private pot, super rich chicken soup, a good place for Hsinchu people to have a dinner after get off work!

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The cold waves are coming one after another, and winter is really coming quietly!
Commuters like me, when riding a motorcycle, they just want to eat a warm hot pot and take a sweaty hot bath after get off work! As a mansion that has been in Hsinchu for many years, in addition to practicing how to ride without being blown down by the wind, there are also a lot of warm-up hot pots, ginger ducks, mutton stoves and other listed restaurants in his pockets. Today I would like to introduce a hot pot restaurant on Ciyun Road with superb decoration and superb soup-[Li. Private pots】Pepper pork belly chicken pot.

plum. Private Pots|Environment

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▲【Li. Private pots] Pepper pork belly chicken pot, store appearance, photo taken fromStore FB

【plum. Private house pot] Pepper pork belly chicken pot is located on Ciyun Road, near Costco and Decathlon, on the opposite side of Costco. If you ride the wrong side, you will have to wait for a long time to turn around. The shop faces inward, it doesn’t look too obvious. After so many times after get off work, I haven't seen this store before. I only found out after listening to the recommendation of my colleagues. The restaurant is decorated in an industrial style: black iron railings, large glass windows, it looks like a very textured restaurant from the outside! The seating arrangement has both a long table and a round table, which is very suitable for business or gatherings between friends.

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▲The interior decoration of the restaurant is very elegant and concise, the photos are taken fromStore FB

plum. Private Pots|Menu

So let's introduce the menu of this restaurant below. The consumption mode is mainly divided into the purchase of pot bottom and materials, and the bottom of the pot hasPepper pork belly chicken/spare ribs/comprehensive pot,Original pork belly chicken/spare ribs/comprehensive potAnd edible for vegetariansVegetable health soup base; The method of materials is mainly divided into meat, seafood, high-collagen foods and some additional items. But since the sign saysplum. Private Hot Pot Pepper Pork Belly Chicken, We orderedPepper Pork Belly Chicken PotLa!

plum. Private Pots|Meals

Pork belly chicken is served in a hot pot! From the color of the soup, you can know that the ingredients are not sloppy, and it is different from ordinary chicken soup. The chicken in the pork belly is made of silky chicken. Take a piece and take a look. The saliva is really dripping off ?! At present, we can’t eat food if the camera is not full!

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▲Get ready to feast on it!
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S 4210742
▲Silk-bone chicken is not good, it is very tender! Photo taken fromStore FB

When I came to this restaurant, the other thing I had to try was their tea oil noodles. Usually a person who likes to eat noodles, this noodles really melts in your mouth! The hot chicken soup with super soft Q noodles is definitely a great tool for storing fat in winter, and you can eat a lot of servings.

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▲Super classic tea oil noodles, photo taken fromStore FB

The seven of us, everyone sitting at the big round table and eating hot pot together, is it a bit like the feeling of a stove on New Year’s Eve ?

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▲Pork belly and chicken soup base is also a perfect match with meat slices!

The shrimps are so big~ and very fresh. For those who like to eat shrimps, they always have to order some shrimps when cooking hot pot, otherwise they always feel that something is missing, right! The soup base of shrimp and pork belly chicken pot is also very good. It tastes without conflict. After dialing one after another!

S 4202546 result
S 4235278 结果

【plum. Private Hot Pot] Pepper pork belly chicken pot is probably the best hot pot Jeffy has eaten in Hsinchu in the past few years. Although the price is a bit high, I think it is very worthwhile. As I get older and older, there is almost no fighting power in all-you-can-eat restaurants. Instead, I like more detailed tasting of food (I’m old ?). In general, whether it’s business, birthday, family or friends gatherings, I think For hot pot, this restaurant is definitely recommended!

S 4210740
▲Let’s try pork belly chicken soup! Photo taken fromStore FB

【plum. Private Pots】Pepper Pork Belly Chicken Pot

  • Address: No. 209, Ciyun Road, East District, Hsinchu City, 300
  • Phone: 03 666 1078
  • Opening hours: Sunday 11:30–23:00 Monday 17:00–23:00 Tuesday 17:00–23:00 Wednesday 17:00–23:00 Thursday 17:00–23:00 Friday 17:00–23 :00 Saturday 11:30-23:00

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