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Recently, I didn’t go out because of parenting. I didn’t expect to receive LITTLE GREED skin conditioning oil made by my sister a few days ago. It adds fun to our bored parenting life. Receive a beautiful gift and you will be happy all day long! (Heal the body and soul ❤️) At that time, I participated in Dadaocheng, Taipei LITTLE GREED's Skin Conditioning Oil DIY Workshop Experience activities, I like the experience process very much, and I also learned a lot of home massage skills, and kept sharing with us, I want us to introduce them to everyone~ Let’s introduce LITTLE GREED in this article!

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LITTLE GREED|About the brand

Founded in 2021, LITTLE GREED is a new brand founded by two young and promising girls HSU and SUE. Although the brand is young, the quality of the products is very persistent! The one that caught our attention the most is a "Vegan Cruelty Free" brand, LITTLE GREED is very concerned about environmental issues and advocates symbiosis with the environment.Maintenance using only safe ingredients.

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The LITTLE GREED team focuses on healthy skin and pays attention to skin repair and protection. In addition to dealing withOutdoor Photoaging,AgingIn addition, it also considers what modern people often doLaser maintenance, put forward the corresponding skin care plan.

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▲LITTLE GREED conditioning oil is also made of vegan and cruelty-free materials

LITTLE GREED|Book a workshop

At present, in the cultural heritage building in Dadaocheng, skin conditioning oil workshops are open from time to time, and you can go onlineKlook Ticket Purchase Reservation, you can also directly follow LITTLE GREED official link. Students participating in the workshop will choose essential oils according to their current state, and after the guidance of the professional lecturers on site, they will prepare their own skin conditioning oil.

👉 // Click here to make an appointment for LITTLE GREED 301 Good Night Skin Conditioning Oil Workshop // 👈

  • Workshop address (please make an appointment to the classroom according to the private message on the day)
    Dadaocheng, Taipei: No. 6-1, Lane 185, Nanjing West Road, Datong District, Taipei City - Happ. Small Tree House|Yew Branch  
    Taipei Main Station: 2nd Floor, No. 103, Huayin Street, Datong District, Taipei City - Happ. Small Tree House|Alder Branch
  • Mailbox: community@littlegreed.com
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The workshop sessions are 50 minutes in total, starting withKnow about recipes and modulation,arriveGuided Massage with Acupressure. LITTLE GREED They have the experience of cooperating with exclusive Chinese medicine practitioners, and will also teach clinically practical acupoints and massage techniques in workshops. Modern people often suffer from civilization disease. They usually look down at their mobile phones and sit for a long time on the computer, causing sore shoulders and necks. Such courses are really needed!

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LITTLE GREED|301 Good Night Skin Conditioning Oil

This is what my friend made that day 301 Good Night Skin Conditioning Oil, It is also an essential oil, the oil is mild and non-irritating. And the meaning of good night is also exclusive to night care. I myself will put a few drops on the rough parts of my body before going to bed to add oil and moisturize the skin. If it is used on the face, I will mix a drop with lotion and use it together. The skin feels soft and tender, like applying a mask. In addition, its smell is also very suitable for relaxing before going to bed. It is a natural plant smell with a slight floral fragrance, as if wandering in nature, calming down the mood after working all day.

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▲LITTLE GREED 301 Good Night Skin Conditioning Oil

All the materials inside are carefully selected by aromatherapists, and the vegetable oils and essential oils have passed the international standard certification that meets EU standards.Most of them come from European production and European farm picking and extraction.

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There will be recipes and notes in the workshop, and the ingredients of the conditioning oil are also written in it, like this bottle of 301 Good Night containsFractionated Coconut Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Golden Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, distilled from real lavender flowers from Bulgaria100% Pure Essential Oil. Improve skin blemishes and aging, in addition to sun protection, but also moisturizing! For me, whose skin is prone to dryness in winter, replenishing the skin with good oil in a timely manner is a necessary maintenance.

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▲The workshop will provide essential oil recipes and notes

After receiving this bottle, I still have a small wish, I hope this bottle can help the stretch marks on my stomach! After giving birth, my stomach lost weight rapidly. Although I have applied a lot of pregnancy cream and pregnancy oil, it is inevitable that there will be one or two deep lines on the sides. I will feel a little depressed when I look in the mirror every day ~ LITTLE GREED skin The conditioning oil is lubricated and elastic, and I hope it can help my stomach return to its previous state!

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▲The front and back glass appearance of LITTLE GREED

LITTLE GREED|900 natural massage minerals

If you have good essential oils, you must match them with good massage stones! This 900 natural massage ore is said to be very popular in the workshop! This massage ore belongs to natural mining, from the shape to the color, I like it very much, no wonder it will be out of stock~

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▲900 natural massage ore

The crystal color of the earth orange, the appearance is very thick, and the rounded corners are as cute as mushrooms ❤️It is very smooth when paired with essential oils, and it will not get stuck when used, and it will perfectly spread the essential oils evenly. The contact area under the massage stone is also very large, and it is very useful for pushing the face and body in a wide range. Many girls' calves are prone to soreness and edema before going to bed, so they can also use this to push.

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Buying LITTLE GREED mushroom massage ore will also come with a small massage card, which draws the acupuncture points on the face. Follow the massage method on the card to stimulate the meridians to achieve timely relaxation. Along the corners of the mouth from bottom to top to the top of the temples to increase the visual lines of the face, match with their 301 Good Night Skin Conditioning Oil, forget today's troubles before going to bed, and give yourself a period of time to relax and rest!

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▲LITTLE GREED's massage card


Not only the face, LITTLE GREED’s conditioning oil can be applied to all parts, even the hair can be maintained together, it can be said that one bottle is multi-purpose! If you feel dry during the body massage, add some conditioning oil at the right time. If you feel that the oil is too much, you can use a towel to soak in hot water and wring it out, then apply it and wipe it to speed up the skin's absorption.

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Good essential oils are really different to use. In the past, there was a preconceived rejection mentality towards oils, and I felt uncomfortable when I applied them on my body, but! This can of LITTLE GREED essential oil really scared me. It didn't take long after I put it on, the greasy feeling completely disappeared, and it was completely absorbed by the skin, very refreshing.

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▲ After applying LITTLE GREED, there is no greasy feeling left, I like the touch very much!

Listening to it, I really want to experience it in the workshop! I usually have a lot of stress. With this 301 Good Night Skin Conditioning Oil, no matter it is morning, noon, or before going to bed, I reserve a period of maintenance for myself every day. It is not only a time to oil the skin, but also a time to relax and reward the hard work of the day. . I recommend LITTLE GREED, a brand new to everyone, and I hope you like it as much as I do~

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