[Good things out of the box] LoveFu Moon Sleeping Pillow, has a good sleep, the only pillow that can be adjusted in height!

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You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, and having a good sleeping pillow is definitely a major event that cannot be ignored! Allie's family has always paid great attention to sleep. A good sleep environment is the first step to having a healthy life, and it also makes doing things more efficient during the day!

LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭3
▲LoveFu sleep pillow can be freely combined to adjust the height of the pillow

Everyone's head shape, body shape, and neck length are different, and a custom-made pillow that suits you is often expensive.LoveFu Sleeping Pillow The main product is that you can adjust the pillow at any time.high”, you can freely combine a pillow that suits you. The process saves time and money. If you are looking for a good sleeping pillow, you might as well refer to it!

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LoveFu Sleeping Pillow|Product Unpacking

The outer bag of the LoveFu Sleeping Pillow is a cloth tote bag with a simple white packaging that looks quite textured. In the past, the bags of pillows were often made of plastic, which would easily become brittle and broken after a long time. I really like the LoveFu cloth packaging! Our group isBasic, contains 2 pieces of spacers, 2 cm and 1.5 cm respectively, if the usual pillow height is less than 12 cm, just choose the basic model as we do.

LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭4
▲LoveFu sleep pillow cloth tote bag
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭5
▲There is the brand name of LoveFu on the side
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭7
▲The basic model includes a sleep pillow and 2 pieces of spacers

If the height of the pillow that you usually sleep on is greater than 12 cm, you are used to sleeping with a higher pillow, or those who have wider shoulders and prefer to sleep on your side, you can purchaseheightened, contains 4 spacers, in addition, you can also purchase side height pieces, each with 1.5 cm on the left and right.

LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭6
▲A small card with instructions for use is attached

LoveFu Sleeping Pillow|Assembly

The pads havedevil felt, as long as it is aligned, it can be glued together, and it is quick and easy to assemble, not complicated at all. If you don't add a pad at all, the height of the pillow body is 8.5 cm. You can add only one piece of 1.5 cm to make it 10 cm, or only add one piece of 2 cm to make it 10.5 cm, or you can add both pieces to make it 12 cm. But to find a pillow that suits you, it also depends on the firmness of the mattress at home, so regardless of the number, you still have to lie down and find out!

LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭11
▲Two spacers attached to the basic model
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭12
▲There is a devil felt in the middle of the pad
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭13
▲Easy to stick up in the way of devil felt
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭20
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭22
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭23

In order to sleep comfortably, in addition to pillows, you also need a mattress, and the hardness of the mattress will also affect. If the bed at home is soft, the body will sink several centimeters, so we don't know if this is the case. I tried the pillows in the store outside, but they didn't seem to be the same when I came home, because the mattresses were different in hardness! There are many ways to assemble the LoveFu Sleeping Pillow, let us try it at home to see which pillow height suits us best!

LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭19
▲Moon sleep pillow body
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭21
▲The appearance of a moon sleep pillow with a cushion
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭24
▲The appearance of the moon sleep pillow with two spacers

LoveFu Sleeping Pillow|Product Features

In addition to the above-mentioned "height" that can be freely assembled, the sleep pillow has the following features:

✔ 10-day sleep plan

Allie's mother bought a lot of pillows in order to find a good sleeping pillow. It was not suitable for her to go back to sleep. The pile of pillows at home was really troublesome. The LoveFu Moon Sleeping Pillow has10 day sleep plan, If you find it inappropriate after you buy it home, as long as it meets the return terms, someone will take it back, so don't be afraid to buy the wrong one. In addition, there is also a 5-year peace of mind warranty, which guarantees that the pillow core will not be deformed for 5 years, which is very reassuring.

Perfect for long necks and short necks!

LoveFu sleep pillow is two-way, one side is suitable for people with long necks, and the other side is suitable for people with short necks, both long necks and short necks can find a suitable angle. The support of the pillow is also very complete, and it will not sag as soon as you lie down, which can alleviate the problem of shoulder and neck pain.

original 2

To know which side you are suitable for, you must first measure whether you have a short neck or a long neck. After the actual measurement, I found that both of our chins and the clavicle recess are larger than 6 cm, both of which are long-necked. I really like the length of the moon sleep pillow. The design of the neck end, the long protruding neck support slope is very comfortable to sleep, it covers my neck to the shoulders, and I feel very safe when I sleep!

LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭28
▲Measure whether you have a long neck or a short neck
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭29

Comfortable for lying down and lying down!

When Allie sleeps, she flips over and over. When she was a child, she was often told by her mother that she liked to move around while sleeping, and it was difficult to find a pillow she liked. The LoveFu Moon Sleeping Pillow comes in a variety of combinations, emphasizing that as long as you find a pillow height that suits everyone, it is very comfortable to lie on your side and on your side! 80% of people sleep both upright and sideways at the same time, which is a very important function! When you are lying down, sleep in the low recess in the middle, and when you roll over to your side, sleep in the higher places on both sides of the pillow.

  • Intimate reminder: For those who are used to sleeping on the side, if the pillow is lying at the right height, the side will be too low, and you can consider purchasing a side high piece!
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Cool Pillow Cover

The LoveFu Sleeping Pillow is equipped with Tencel™ brand fiber as the outer fabric, which will be cooler and more breathable to sleep, and it is also very comfortable to touch! Here is a detachable and washable pillow case, so you don't need another pillow case.

  • Intimate reminder: The pillow case is recommended to be soaked and washed by hand, so that it can be used for a long time.
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭9
▲The outer layer uses cool Tencel™ brand fiber, which is soft and skin-friendly.
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭10

Breathable hydrophilic cotton

LoveFu sleep pillow pays great attention to the function of ventilation! The pillow body is made of hydrophilic cotton with a constant temperature in summer and cool in winter, and there are cooling ditch design on both sides, so it is comfortable to lie on your side. The change of body temperature has a great relationship with the quality of sleep. During the process of falling asleep, the temperature of the body will gradually drop, and the breathability of the bedding is very important~

  • Intimate reminder: The pillow body cannot be washed with water or exposed to the sun!
LOVEFU月眠枕 枕頭25
▲The body of the LoveFu sleep pillow is breathable hydrophilic cotton, which can also be effectively supported without being too soft!

The characteristics of the above-mentioned sleeping pillows are sorted out. You have to sleep on this kind of pillow before you know it. LoveFu is not satisfied (you can return it within ten days), it is worth a try! In a busy life, you should also pay attention to the details of your life and take good care of your body, so that you can continue to work hard😆 After all, sleeping time takes up most of your life, and you can really rest if you have a good sleep quality. I hope this article can help Everyone knows more about sleep, and find your favorite pillow as soon as possible!