[Recommended by Daxi Restaurant] Doumai Private Kitchen/Songlu Coffee-Sit and watch the view of Little European Ecological Lake, stir fry, afternoon tea, coffee shop, the signature pheasant must be eaten!

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Visiting Taoyuan Daxi Old Tea Factory, I accidentally found a very special restaurant-Bean and Wheat Private Kitchen. When I drove down the slope, I discovered that this is not an ordinary rural restaurant, but a landscape restaurant with lake view ecology! This is really amazing, the restaurant itself seems to be an attraction! Let's take a look at this peculiar restaurant that combines a coffee shop, self-grown Chinese cuisine, and various peripheral products of Dianmai (Taiwanese)!

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▲The signature of soy and wheat private dishes on the side of the road

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▲The appearance of Doumai Restaurant, a single-family manor building

Doumai Sifangcai is located on the second section of Fuxing Road. In fact, we found it by accident while looking for a parking space. Driving down from a super steep slope, I first saw the beautiful lake view, only to realize that this is a restaurant ?The dazzling sun is shining on the lake, and there are layers of green trees on the side. We seem to have come in an instant after not going abroad for a long time. Like abroad, does this picture look like a Nordic landscape postcard!

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▲Lake view in the distance
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The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating areas, but because of the cold weather, almost everyone eats inside the restaurant. However, although the wind outside is very strong and bitter, there are still many people wrapped in coats sitting on chairs to bask in the sun. It is really comfortable under the winter sun. Looking at the large lake scenery in front of you, you have a great body and mind. Relax ❤️ Next to the lake, there is an ecological trail and a swing tied to a tree for children to play.

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▲The green lake view in front of the restaurant is super nice!

The second floor of Doumai’s private restaurant is Songlu Coffee. Because the chef of the restaurant does not start work until five o’clock, we first go to the coffee shop upstairs to have a hot drink and take a break, ordering American coffee and hot milk. The seats are also divided into indoor and outdoor areas, but it’s really too cold outside near the evening~ We’d better stay indoors and watch the lake view.

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▲Songlu Coffee is located on the second floor, with a view of the lake from the outdoor seating area
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▲American coffee and hot milk
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▲Inside Songlu Cafe
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▲Songlu Cafe Menu

After the time was almost the same, I came to the Doumai Private Kitchen downstairs to prepare for dinner. We ordered the B set menu for two persons, plus the service fee for two persons totaling 1375 yuan. However, we have replaced the kimchi plum meat with pepper and hemp second layer meat, and the grandma's bamboo shoots have been replaced by handmade dog farts. If there is a price difference, we need to make up for the difference. I heard that the pheasant in this room is very delicious, especially tender and juicy, and the dog fart is the signature preserved egg with a unique flavor. Many ingredients of the private kitchen here are grown by themselves, and there is also a small vegetable garden outside the restaurant.

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▲Dining area of Doumai Private Kitchen Restaurant
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White chopped capon (1/4)

The white chopped capon is 1/4 chicken, which is quite a lot for two people. The chicken is not too greasy, and the taste is tender and not too chai. It comes with a soy sauce and chili sauce, but it is full of flavor without the sauce. It is a very delicious dish! I think this signature dish deserves it!

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▲White chopped capon (1/4)

Handmade shit

The handmade dog fart is a cold dish. It is said that this dish is a signature dish recommended by many bloggers. The contents are preserved eggs and green peppers, and a small cherry on the "birthday cake" is added. The sauce underneath is slightly salty. The taste of preserved eggs is a little bit spicy, and the overall taste is quite good.

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▲Handmade dog stinky

Mushroom and Golden Needle Soup

The mushroom and enoki soup is served in a large pot, which is quite large for two people, and it is full of shitake and enoki mushrooms. A bowl of hot soup in the cold winter is super soothing!

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▲Mushroom and Golden Needle Soup

Two-layer pork with pepper and hemp

I thought it was a hot dish, but it turned out to be a cold dish! The crispy fried meat with sour sauce is actually quite delicious~

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Reservoir Creek Shrimp

The shrimp is deep-fried and crispy. It is served with peanuts, but it seems to be pierced by the thorns of the shrimp. Be careful when you eat it?

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▲Reservoir Creek Shrimp

Seasonal Greens (Cabbage)

The seasonal vegetables should not always be the same every time. The seasonal vegetables we ate this day were stir-fried cabbage with shredded radish, but the portion of the two seemed to be a little bit smaller~

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▲Seasonal Greens (Cabbage)

If you order a two-person set menu, you will get two cups of American coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, you can change to a bottle of beverage in the beverage cabinet. In addition, the restaurant also provides hot tea. We just finished the coffee, maybe the order is reversed ? We should first have to use up the meal to redeem the free coffee to enjoy the scenery.

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▲Hot tea served in the restaurant

Summary Doumai Private Kitchen is a beautifully landscaped restaurant. If you visit nearby attractions such as Daxi Old Tea Factory (just next to it), in addition to eating, drinking and charging, you can also enjoy the dreamy lake view, which is very good. Relay station, but because it is easy to be full during holiday dining hours, it is recommended to call first to ask about the status! The food is good overall, the meal tastes unique, the chicken meat is fresh and tender, but the menu price is higher, the two-person set menu has a few dishes and the portion is small (but the chicken is still quite large)

Doumai Private Kitchen (Fuxing Branch)

  • Address: No. 650, Section 2, Fuxing Road, Daxi District, Taoyuan City
  • Phone: 03 3825716
  • Business hours: Daily 10:00-20:00 (Although the store writes that meals are served all day, but we waited for a while to have a master, it is recommended to call in advance)
  • Official website:Bean and Wheat Private Kitchen

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