[Taoyuan Attractions] Daxi Old Tea Factory is not only a beautiful photo on the Internet! The interesting guide tells the history of Taiwanese tea and combines the intellectual attractions of local culture.

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My impression of the old Daxi tea factory is probably an old tea factory that is too young to be literate and full of beautiful photos on the Internet. British tea factory with pitched roof, Japanese style ventilation and energy-saving design, table-top grindstone floor, this combination of mixed-race buildings from three countries has successfully transformed the old tea factory into a tourist factory that Wangmei also loves. Originally, I just came here with the mood of taking a walk and taking pictures. I didn't expect that the Daxi Old Tea Factory was more interesting than I thought. This is all because of the wonderful explanation of the old tea factory manager Xiaowan! We originally planned to stay for an hour and spend an afternoon in the old tea factory. Hurry up and share with you this great attraction that is super suitable for a holiday!

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▲An old tea factory hidden in the mountains and forests

Daxi Old Tea Factory|Attractions information

  • Stay time: about 30-60 minutes for visiting the park, 60 minutes for guided tour
  • Tickets are 100 yuan (free for children under 120 cm, people with disabilities, and an escort), and the tickets can be used for full consumption
  • With parking lot, tea house area (place for making tea and coffee), toilet, reading area

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Daxi Old Tea Factory|Ticket

The ticket for the old tea factory is 100 yuan per person, which is very cheap, and can be used in the full amount of consumption. It can be used in the commodity area or the tea house area.

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▲The ticket of Daxi Old Tea Factory is 100 yuan worth of consumption

The old tea factory is located on the side of the mountain, hidden in the forest, and there is a short winding mountain road in the process of driving over. The park is not very big. If you just take pictures and stay for about 30-60 minutes, if you happen to hear that the super exciting guide is 10 minutes for the film and 50 minutes for the inside of the park, we all feel that after listening to itBe sure to listen to the guided tour! If we didn’t take a tour, we would definitely not know the history here. The photo shoot would be over, and the tour guide, Director Xiaowan, was really good at telling stories. The audience laughed constantly and taught us a lot of common knowledge about tea life. unspeakableTea ring secret.

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▲A simple pet rest area is attached

The tea of the tea factory comes from the Amping tea garden. The whole process is natural farming without the use of pesticides. The industrial-style warehouse on the first floor sells many tea-related products, including tea bags, tea leaves, gift boxes, black tea, green tea, and oolong tea. Various types of tea are available. You can also dine or drink coffee in the tea house area, but the minimum consumption in the tea house area is 200 yuan per person!

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▲The tea sold on the spot, the packaging is quite literary, right?
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▲You can take a break in the reading area of the warehouse

Daxi Old Tea Factory|Guide

When we came in, it happened that Director Xiao Wan was doing a video tour, and we were attracted by it. During the Japanese Occupation era, there was a thriving big tea factory, working day and night, rich in the famous Nitto black tea, and the ceiling on the patio was blackened by a large number of tea export orders. There are traces of history left everywhere here, even an ordinary pillar we can call grandpa grandma, much older than us.

  • The guided tour time is 11:00 and 14:30 dailyIt is considered that I have really visited the old tea factory in Daxi only if I choose to visit the tea factory during this period of time.
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▲Video screening guide
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The location of the pool was originally an old warehouse, but because the warehouse function is no longer what it used to be, the designer changed it into a still water restaurant. If you visit an old tea factory in the summer, the temperature in the warehouse is very high under the sun and the inside of the tea factory cannot be air-conditioned. The director laughs and says that he has lost a lot of weight after working for many years. In addition, the toilet must also be set outside, not in the tea factory, otherwise the air will circulate and everyone will not be drinking green tea, but Armonia tea. These two points are areas where the tea factory has reason to be unable to improve. I hope that visitors will be considerate when they come here.

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Then Director Xiaowan took us to the tea-making area on the second floor to explain the principles and methods of tea-making in a funny way. In the past, tea leaves were laid on the Internet, and the excess moisture of the tea leaves was evaporated through the rolling air convection, so that the unpleasant scent of the tea leaves was dissipated, and the tea leaves were softened to facilitate twisting and maintain a complete leaf shape. After that, I took us to see the patio and feel the slight air current from the first floor through the patio to the second floor.

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▲Indoor failure area
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▲Feel the airflow from the patio
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▲Grandmother-grade cypress with staggered ceilings

The 90-degree rotating blue window set up in order to speed up the tea failure has now become the background for taking photos on Net Beauty. Director Xiaowan’s funny demonstration of how to shoot can be the most beautiful. Anyway, you can look up and down, just don’t look at the camera? The light and shadow of the sun entering the factory are beautiful, and you can see that there is one placed on each window. The chair is really thoughtful to take pictures of everyone (it is completely transformed into a net beauty factory)

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The tea leaves that have been drained before must be thrown into the tea-pouring hole and dropped directly into the tea-making area on the downstairs floor. The tea-making area has 6 large-scale twisting machines introduced during the Japanese occupation, all of which have a history of more than 70 years. Today, this machine is still working! Director Xiaowan turned on the machine on the spot to restore the appearance of the previous operation, and everyone at the scene exclaimed.

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▲The tea hole on the floor of the second floor
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▲The ceiling is a tea-pouring hole on the second floor, tea leaves can be poured directly

The factory director explained to us the color, shape, and type of tea, as well as demonstrating the way of scoring tea in the past. After we understand, we will not buy tea randomly? The whole exhibition seems to be traveling through time. The most interesting one The history of tea in Taiwan also knows a lot of tea knowledge in life, the preservation of tea, the expiration date of tea, and the method of making tea. Finally, Factory Manager Xiaowan said that tea is not absolutely good or bad, and there is no certain way of tasting. The one who likes to drink it will be good tea. Come to Daxi Old Tea Factory on holiday, get to know the island of Taiwan better, love the land more, it is definitely a super recommended attraction for entertaining and learning ❤️

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Taoyuan Daxi Old Tea Factory

  • Phone: 033825089
  • Business hours: 9:30-17:00 daily
  • Address: No. 80, Lane 732, Section 2, Fuxing Road, Daxi District, Taoyuan City
  • contact method:Official website,FB fan page

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