[Seoul Self-service Tour in Seoul, South Korea] Twenty thousand in the New Year’s peak season in Seoul! Five days and four nights itinerary, cost overview, and scenic spots recommendation.

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I want to go abroad every Chinese New Year holiday, but it’s so expensive to fly wherever during the peak travel season ? (silent voice) Because it’s very difficult to go to work in normal times, I have to fly out at this time. For this trip to South Korea, we have tried our best to control consumption. We can’t save air tickets, so we try to keep the accommodations low (with a mentality of staying in, but fortunately, elders can accept it). Because of various factors, we choose a flight that leaves late and leaves early. , The actual play is only three days, it can be said that it is a real flash!

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The three-day itinerary is fulfilling. Every day I go back to the accommodation and sleep in bed. The itinerary visited the famous historical site of Seoul Gyeongbokgung, Nami Island in Winter Sonata, and one day to the Jisan Ski Resort in the suburbs of Seoul. I felt that the elders were also very happy in the process. South Korea is really a suitable place to take your family on a trip. Let’s take a look at our detailed itinerary and cost records for this self-service in Seoul, South Korea!

Overview of South Korea's five days and four nights itinerary

Day 1: 17:00 Taoyuan Zhongzheng Airport-20:35 Incheon Airport-23:00 Arrive at the homestay next to Hoehyeon Station in Seoul-23:30 Supper and enjoy the Korean restaurant near Hoehyeon Station

Taiwan flies to Seoul for about two and a half hours, and takes the Airport Express to reach downtown Seoul for about one hour. Because we were in line for an hour when we exited the customs, it was already eleven o’clock when we arrived at the homestay at Huixian Station. Fortunately, there are still many restaurants open around the clock near Huixian Station, and there is still room for people to fill their stomachs. ! In terms of accommodation, we choose cheap B&Bs, because there is no special recommendation for everyone.

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Day 2: 07:30 Walk to Myeongdong subway station for a one-day trip-Arrive at Petite France Village at 09:30-Arrive at Nami Island at 11:00-Arrive at Gangchon Railway Bike at 15:30-Arrive at Myeongdong Business District at 19:00 -Huixian Station B&B

We are attendingKlook's one-day itinerary, The cost includes transportation for a whole day, and an English-speaking tour guide. The itinerary covers popular attractions, Petite France Village, Nami Island, and Gangchon Rail Bike tickets. This one-day itinerary is a great savior for those of us who need to plan a trip in a short period of time. There will be almost no additional expenses throughout the day. The only things that will spend more money are meals and souvenirs. Back to Seoul for a day trip, we strolled around the Myeongdong business district near the homestay.

[South Korea] One-day trip to the suburbs of Seoul! Net beauty Little France Village, classic Korean drama Nami Island, Gangchon Railroad bicycle summary.

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Day 3: Walk from the guesthouse to Myeongdong Subway Station at 07:30 for a one-day trip-Arrive at Zhishan Ski Resort at 09:30 (stay until 16:20)-Get off at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station at 18:30 (Dongdaemun Shopping District) -Huixian Station B&B

On the third day, we participated in the KKDAY skiing trip. The fee included three tour guides (two proficient in Chinese and Korean, one proficient in English and Korean, and also instructors. About eight students will be assigned to one instructor) and one full day rental The cost of equipment is the same. After the whole day's itinerary, only lunch or personal consumption is spent. Of course you have to try different business districts when you come back at night~ We haveDongdaemun shopping district, known as Wufenpu, Seoul, Dongdaemun business district is good for both boys and girls, and it is highly recommended for those who want to buy clothes to come and have a look!

[Korea] Even beginners can play! The ultra-popular Jisan Ski Resort nearest to Seoul, a detailed record of the one-day experience itinerary!

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Day 4: 09:00 Take the subway from the guesthouse to Gyeongbokgung Station-09:30 Rental Hanbok + Gyeongbokgung-14:00 Samcheongdong Shopping District-15:30 Bukchon Hanok Village-17:30 from Anguk Take the subway to Hongdae Station (Hongdae Shopping District)-Hoehyeon Station Homestay

The fourth day was our own schedule, and the group decided to go to bed later. On this day, we took the subway to Gyeongbokgung Station and experienced Hanbok (you can enter Gyeongbokgung in Hanbok for free!). After returning the Hanbok, we walked around and walked to Samcheongdong business district and Bukchon Hanbok. Housing estate. There are many beautiful buildings and street art in Samcheongdong and Bukchon Hanok Village. Some people are also on the road wearing Hanbok. Friends who like to wear hanbok don’t like renting to take photos slowly all day, and the memory is full. The store we chose on the day was That hanbok that day, This shop for renting hanbok is very cute. There are many decorations in the shop to take photos. I highly recommend it to everyone.

[Seoul, South Korea] Experience Hanbok through ancient and modern times! Guide to walking in Gyeongbokgung Palace, Samcheong-dong, Bukchon Hanok Village

[Korea] Hongdae business district 300 yuan barbecue all-you-can-eat, high CP value gourmet restaurant Pork Chamber of Commerce recommends!


Day 5: Take the subway from the hotel to Seoul Station at 06:00, then transfer to the Airport Express to the airport-09:20 Seoul Incheon Airport-11:15 Taoyuan Zhongzheng Airport

Reluctant to return to Taiwan, the return flight was at 09:20 in the morning. Since we were still unfamiliar with the crowds and scale of Incheon Airport and did not know what would happen in the process, we got up early and set off. Cathay Pacific provides self-check-in service at Incheon Airport (if you are not very good at it, there are also ground service staff nearby), and the customs clearance is automatic. We leave the customs early, which is super convenient! Because of the relationship with the elders, I have caught a buffer all the time to make the elders feel at ease ?

Korean self-serviceTotal cost

projectAmountRemarkAverage person
stay12751Four nights2550.2
journey17520Day2 itinerary + Day3 itinerary3504
Seoul-Taipei round-trip air ticket51965Cathay Pacific (30kg)10393
Network SIM card1800All you can eat in five days360
Airport Express Line1340Incheon-Seoul268
Five-day diet19180Breakfast*3+lunch*3+dinner*43836

Therefore, the total expenditure for the five of us during the Chinese New Year (New Year's Eve to the fourth day) is NT$104,556, which is about 20,900 per person! However, because the journey was a bit sudden, the air tickets were only temporarily ordered more than ten hours before departure, so it was not said that it was very cheap. If you plan ahead in the future, you may save more on the ticket if you buy it first! The above is our total itinerary and expenditure record in Seoul this time. Let me share with you.

Self-service video diary in Seoul, South Korea

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