[Da'an District Food] WeClassic, Japanese A5 Wagyu beef, Wellington steak, high-end ingredients and no menu dishes are recommended.

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Located near the East District and the 101 business districtWe Dian Ke, You can feel the restaurant’s requirements for classics from the brand name, and the owner is known as a good ingredient.Gourmet Youtuber-Egg Tower, Is very particular about the ingredients, seafood and meat mostly use the highest grade ingredients, and the signature is Japan’s A5 Omi Wagyu. The restaurant adopts reservation system,Creative no-menu cuisineIt has repeatedly broken our understanding of cooking, and every meal made us exclaim again and again. The food tastes sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. It seems to be magical. Combining different ingredients to create new flavors. Let's take a look at this very powerful high-end restaurant!

Weidianke|Restaurant Information

  • Restaurant reservation system
  • No corkage fee, no service fee
  • No menu dishes, depending on the main meal, the price of the set menu is 1880 yuan and 2880 yuan respectively
  • Can match with table wine for an additional 690 yuan
  • Japanese Wagyu Beef, Wellington Steak, Duck Breast, Fine Plum Pork, Wellington Pork Chops
  • There are 28 seats in total, and about 16 in private rooms
  • Provide private room service and private box


Take the MRT

Take the MRT to Xinyi Anhe Station. After exiting Exit 5, follow Lane 265, Section 4 of Xinyi Road to Yanji Street, turn left, and then enter Lane 420, Guangfu South Road.

Take the bus

You can take the 282, 288, 672, 797 and Chengde trunk lines to the Civic Residence Station, and walk along the 420 Lane of Guangfu South Road for three minutes.

Drive by yourself

Navigate to "We Classic"Or address "No. 10, Lane 420, Guangfu South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City", cars can be parkedYisheng Guangfu Parking LotorYing'an Parking Lot, Motorcycles can be parked in the motorcycle parking grid in alleys.


We Classic is located in the alleys on Guangfu South Road. The warm yellow light reflects the elegant logo. The simple and elegant decoration and warm wood design bring a sense of warmth. Although it is a high-end Wagyu restaurant, the atmosphere and environment are comfortable and close to people, not too cold, and there is no sense of distance. It is a good place for couples to date and friends to have a meal.

IMG 8296 结果
IMG 8297 结果
▲The famous Wagyu shop in the alleysWe Classic
IMG 8301 结果
IMG 8305 结果
We Classic only has no menu dishes, and also offers private dining
IMG 8311 结果
IMG 8334 结果
IMG 8322 结果
IMG 8309 结果
▲There is a certificate on the wall,We Classic advertises Japanese Omi Wagyu Monopoly.
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IMG 8316 结果
IMG 8314 拷貝 结果
▲White marble surface and tiffany green bar counter
IMG 8306 结果
IMG 8325 结果
IMG 8326 结果
▲A bamboo basket is provided under the seat for personal belongings


Only Dianke isNo menu dishesAccording to the season, the content of the menu will be changed from time to time, which is what surprised us the most. The constantly changing menu shows the chef's confidence in the cooking. The creative and mastery of the ingredients is needed behind it, so that loyal fans can taste new things every time they come. The current menu for this season is1880 yuanand2880 yuanTwo kinds,The main meals of 1880 were pork plum, New Yorker and duck breast. The main meals of 2880 were Japanese wagyu beef, Wellington steak and Wellington pork chops.If you don’t eat beef, there is also a beef-free menu.

S 22298689
We ClassicOnly Classic Menu
S 22298691
We ClassicWei Dian Ke No Beef Menu


We had a set meal of 2880 for two guests that day. As soon as we were on the table, we saw all kinds of knives and forks arranged. The clerk will also take away unnecessary knives and forks intimately. The meals are very efficient at the table, and the staff will also introduce them carefully according to the meals. The overall dining experience is very good.

IMG 8336 结果

Sweet croissant

The outer skin is grilled just right, and you can feel the fluffy and slightly sweet bread fragrance when you bite it. Take a bite before the main meal to formally awaken the taste buds on the tip of your tongue~

IMG 8339 结果

Appetizer cold dish-raw scallops/green bamboo shoots/caviar

The raw scallops here are the highest grade2L raw food grade scallops(Only about 16-20 pieces per kilogram), the taste is naturally sweet and smooth. It retains the original and rich taste of scallops, which is really different from the scallops you usually eat! Paired with two kinds of green bamboo shoots with Sichuan hot and seared separately, it has a more flavor. The sauce is paired with dried fish mayonnaise sauce and caviar. The dried fish mayonnaise sauce tastes slightly sweet and refreshing, and the caviar particles are also very layered, which is really unsatisfactory!

IMG 8351 结果
IMG 8338 结果

Oyster Noodles

The distinctive oyster noodles are different from the traditional thickened noodles. The noodles are presented in a crispy way, wrapped in Hiroshima raw food grade oysters. Come to Weidian customers to eat these high-end ingredients! The noodles are topped with garlic mayonnaise, and bonito flakes are used to enhance the flavor, bringing out the aroma of oysters. The outer layer is crispy and crispy, but the inside is soft and tender when bitten down. It's super special~

IMG 8358 结果
IMG 8363 结果

Italian soup dumplings

Italian soup dumplings are a classic Italian cuisine. The outer layer is made by Weidianke's homemade pasta, which tastes firm and elastic. The inner layer is wrapped with dense chicken mousse and earthen egg yolk, and is served with a sweet chicken broth.

IMG 8372 结果

Cabbage Shrimp

The cabbage prawns are Australian black tiger prawns, which are plump, juicy and solid. Topped with a spicy sauce made of physalis and chili peppers, it tastes spicy, but it is delicious. Allie, which is not too spicy, is also satisfying and light-sweet taro mash is spread underneath to neutralize the spiciness. Finally, sprinkle ginger and coriander to enhance the taste level. The bottom is crispy cabbage. The taste is very diverse. It can be regarded as a creative dish that successfully combines sweet, spicy and sour!

IMG 8378 结果

Char-grilled pork cheek

Charcoal-grilled pork cheek combined with Japanese cuisine, spread with teriyaki sauce, grilled in a charcoal grill, the whole has a slight charcoal aroma. The pork cheeks taste very chewy, with a hint of oil and vinegar sauce. There are two kinds of corn dishes on the side, namely corn mash made of fresh milk and cream, which tastes rich in milk; and corn kernels made of roasted lemon zest and sugar, with a slightly bitter aroma.

IMG 8392 结果
IMG 8387 结果

Reception-Duck liver and beef burger

Small and exquisite burgers, the ingredients are not small, the burger meat isWagyuMade, and on top is a pieceImported Duck Liver. Different from the pickled cucumber slices commonly found in general burgers, they are replaced byCaramel Roasted Yellow Lemon Slices, Sweet and sour taste, especially greasy. This kind of cooking ingenuity can be seen in many places in Weidianke’s meals. This should be the most exaggerated and expensive burger we have ever eaten! We also met the egg tower himself that day,The egg tower said modestly and humorously: "We are just opening a snack bar~" You said, do you think there are such high-class burgers in the snack bar?

IMG 8402 结果
IMG 8405 结果
S 7602199 结果

Kelp steamed egg

It is made with the liquid of native eggs as the main body and steamed with shiitake mushroom broth. There are diced mushrooms, kelp, and sea grapes called "Caviar in the Plant Kingdom". The steamed egg tastes smooth and sweet, and you can't stop it after a bite!

IMG 8412 结果
IMG 8408 结果

Main meal-A5 Omi Wagyu

Finally came to today’s highlight~ The beef is usedThe highest grade of Japanese Wagyu-A5 Omi WagyuThe most appropriate degree of maturity for the sirloin part is five to seven points. If you feel that it is too raw to eat, you can respond to the shop assistant. The sirloin fat distribution is perfect, and the shiny gravy makes the index finger move. I can’t wait! There is a slightly sour port wine sauce and mashed potatoes on the side, but the most special thing is that the coffee powder is sprinkled on the side, and the coffee powder is dipped in the wagyu beef. The light coffee aroma and the delicate taste of the wagyu beef are unforgettable. !

IMG 8420 2 结果
IMG 8425 2 结果

Main meal-Wellington steak

Steak Wellington is one of the dishes we have always wanted to taste. It is said that the British won the Battle of Waterloo at the time. At the celebration banquet, in order to welcome the Duke of Wellington's triumphant return, the chef wrapped his favorite ingredients in the popular pastry at the time. , It looks like a super laborious dish! The Wellington Steak of Videco usesMidsection of American Cow FiletandImported Duck LiverThe meat is very tender. The mushroom sauce is made of truffle sauce and foie gras, and there is a Korean-style pickled radish. Finally put sesame leaves and a little sweet vinegar sauce, the multi-layered taste makes people love it!

IMG 8415 2 结果
IMG 8427 2 结果
IMG 8438 2 结果


After the dinner is finished, the second stomach is opened to decorate the sweets! This dish is a combination of sour, sweet, and bitter, roasted crunchy and slightly bitter caramel, underneath is a warm and dense sweet pudding. There is a slightly sour lemon smoothie on the other side of the bowl, which is really a shocking education for taste buds.

IMG 8447 结果

We Classic’s meals are so special! Every meal is the art of the chef’s painstaking effort. You can feel the chef’s dedication to the meal, such as the traditional oyster noodles, the simple but extraordinary kelp steamed egg, the richly layered cabbage prawns, and the There are expensive wagyu burgers and duck livers. Bringing the creativity of the cuisine into full play has opened our eyes to all of us~ The performance of the main meal is even more powerful, and the noble ingredients are perfectly presented. It is definitely a high-end restaurant worth visiting for gluttons!

WeClassic (Adopt appointment system)

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